What Natural Disaster would you like to see be implemented

Which would would you like to see be implemented first. Im sure doing one would take a lot of work so if you had to just see one in the game which would it be

Storms with sand, rain, hail, snow yes please.
Also fog would be nice and ashes fog (from active volcano).
A flood would be nice, raising water level quickly.
An Earthquake is easy to implement, good way to break structures quicker (instead of waiting for the structures to rust away). Shaky camera and the visuals are done.

A tornado would be cool. Just a big storm with a trail that breaks and destroys every structure and tree. And whatever is close to the trail damaged a bit or a lot.

Vulcanic eruption. I think that is too tricky to implement. Would be nice for a stone age situation.

A tsunami is too tricky for the environment. Adjusting the wave to all kinds of different height levels is heavy for any game. I don’t see this being implemented. Would be nice though.

Same with avalanche. Too difficult.

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  2. Why make it multiple choice if you only want people to choose one?
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  4. I think we should start with more basic weather types, like rain or snow, before we start trying to push these crazy epic disasters.

I agree to this.

Was an accident lol. I did the other post but thought this would be better but idk how to delete the other one

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I’d love natural disasters, though some of them will be really resource-heavy, such as the tsunami & the volcano & tornados.

Unless the volcano dosent spit lava but rather leaves volcanic ashes raining down, blocking the sun, poisoning the air or whatever.

There’s no black hole or supernova option :v:

A Black Hole Ô.Ô
That would be amazing! ^^