What new gamemode types would you like to see?

I’m sure this question has been asked in a thread similar to this, but what new gamemode types would you like to see in Garry’s mod that is not oriented around garbage roleplay mechanics?

If you would please, refrain from slamming the server browser list. I am well aware that most people believe only rp gamemodes can become successful.

Super duper ultra hyper realistic roleplaying gamemode?

Personally, I want fretta to be officially supported again because it allowed for some really awesome gamemodes.

I certainly agree, perhaps fretta could be remade? - If it hasn’t been already

It has been (or was, no idea if it’s still functional), but I would like it to be shipped natively with garrysmod.

an original Zombie Survival server.

Almost every zs server is a direct copy of zs3 “now with Shrek boss and m9k weapons”. The few ZS servers that were completely custom built from the ground up were extremely popular at their peak. ZS3 is fun and all but when every server is completely identical it’s boring.

Maybe some new type of zombie game?

what do you want to see in a zombie mod? execpt for actuall zombies spawning in etc.

The hefty majority of zombie survival servers are 3.0 based, meaning they all play exactly the same: Get a hammer and a crate, nail yourself in a room, protect the room for 20 minutes.

Not many Zombie Survival gamemodes are based on running around and playing offensively on the human side, almost all of them have the humans sitting in a barricade shooting zombies. And if you dare leave the barricade, you get raped in seconds

This was a ZS gamemode that was pretty fun, and barricading was only an option, not a necessity.

I like a survival gamemode that is like stranded but better

Not sure if advertising but my server runs zombie master the old source mod ported to Garry’s mod. Try it out one day if you want, it’s a bit different from zombie survival however

Anything just let the zombie be npc lol

Yes it has and I know of a person who fixed GarryWare for GMod 13, but people weren’t too interested in it.

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Working on something good so keep an eye open.

well its more like rts for the guy that controls the zombies, like you can control them which is kind of cool

Oooo this is better