What Notepad++ theme do you use?

I was curious to what theme people use for coding lua in Notepad++. Do you use Notepad++? If so, what theme do you use or favour?

Sublime Text, Half Life.

Twlight with custom colours for glua

Default with the GLua syntax highlighting.

Hello Kitty


If it aint broke…

Deep Black.


Deep black with Gmod Lua syntax highlighting.


Didnt even know it had skins but I should have guessed from the chameleon

Default; the others are too hard to read and are hard on the eyes.

Same here, except I use f.lux at night with it so the white isn’t as hard on your eyes.

If you change the colors to your liking it makes a huge difference.

Right on, that actually looks interesting. I’ll definitely do a bit more research into it and maybe get it. For now what I’ve used for night-time is to get used to stepping up the brightness in terms of my background is an HD texture I made of Fresh Black Asphalt with no seams and which eliminates texture-squares in games because I took the time to ensure it would be fully-seamless…

I use the GLua XML creator so I have syntax highlighting. I’ve never been a huge fan of editors since I was a child marking up with ht; there was DreamWeaver which would highlight text but inject so much bloat-code that it was disgusting.

Because of that, including the fact that I started by just using notepad, and that I used to use notepad for everything ( PHP, HTML, SQL, JavaScript, Iptscrae, etc… ), I actually wrote my own notepad++ in c++ to incorporate additional features because no other program had what I wanted ( notepad with line numbers, syntax highlighting and a few other minor changes ).

Now I use notepad++ for Lua and other IDEs for other languages…

Everyone should install f.lux

Ruby Blue

Notepad++, Default theme, GLua highligther, no f.lux.

Microsoft Visual Studio 2012 + LUA plugin


you monster