What Notepad++ theme do you use?

Same here, I personally do t have any problems with using the default theme, even at night. Plus, I wouldn’t want to change because I don’t like changes to my routine.

I also use deep black.

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Same. I don’t see an issue with getting f.lux or a different theme.

What’s the point in that? The plugin barely works and doesn’t highlight anything useful. VS is heavy and isn’t as feature-rich for scripting.

I use HL for ST3 as well:


I installed f.lux and uninstalled it a few days later. I can’t stand that horrible yellow tint, if anything I feel like it makes my eyes even more tired.

Same for dark themes, I just prefer the default Notepad++ theme with the GLua highlighter.

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Can’t use Notepad++, unfortunately.
I prefer ST though.

sublime text + custom theme that looks like the standard n++ theme except anything orange is replaced with hotpink


Not on this website.

You can change the lighting though.


I got used to sublime and it’s handy features.

I use the default theme for Sublime Text 2 with the GLua plugin

Used default notepad++ for years but switched to Sublime + Dayle’s huge pack of themes, waiting on limetext to get further.


I use the obsidian theme with some modifications.