What NPCs are good for me to get?

(This is my first thread, lock it if it’s completely horrid and a nuisance of a repeat.)
I’ve been looking for some NPCs, haven’t found much cool stuff, The DLed NPCs I have are:
Friendly Combine
Unfriendly Rebels
Metropolice NPCs
Helmet HEV
and Gordon Freeman.

Which NPCs do you have?
Which NPCs are your favorites?
Which NPCs do you suggest me getting?

My fav NPCs are HEV Combines … try it out !

Are they combine in the HEV suit with normal masks? Or masks to fit the HEV suit’s color?


I hear the Gman Gods are good.

Search PMC on Garrysmod.org. It’s a nicely done pack of soldiers that come in different color variants like S.W.A.T, SAS, Desert, etc. Just search NPCs on garrysmod.org and a bunch of different packs should come up. Just go searching. I take hours digging up good mods.

The GMan God pack is fun, if you enjoy cowering from a allmighty force of death. I don’t have any custom NPCs, instead I got one of the AI enhancing addons, which does actually make them much more fun to fight. Metrocops will pull manhacks out of their asses as well as shoot you.

I got the Gman pack, and they are amusing. Haven’t tried spawning it with different npcs yet.
Thanks for the advice on the PMC.