What on earth is my water doing?

I loaded up an old map of mine that used to work fine, only to find out that now the gm_construct water I was using no longer renders properly, despite the fact that it renders fine in gm_construct. Has anyone seen this issue before?


That’s very strange indeed, has it something to do with the skybox?

That map there has a 2d skybox, but it has the same results with a 3d skybox.

Did you place any 3d skybox camera somewhere?

your 2D skybox probably has a leak where all the sides of it don’t join up, you should check that first, it’s happened to me before

There are no leaks. This map worked fine for over a year, until I tried booting it up a few days ago and saw this. I have not touched the map at all before that. It is also happening for a new map I tried making with the same water texture, but this problem does NOT occur in GM_Construct.

I find that when there’s a leak, the water just disappears from view although it’s still there.

This, also happened to me when i fucked up the 3D skybox.

The logical explanation would be that there’s an enitity that garry has put in gm_construct, or a keyvalue or something that is in gm_construct, but not in the other maps.

If something in gmod or source has changed garry will know and update his map accordingly, so I guess the solution is to find out whats changed.

Uhhh, this might be a cubemap issue? If you’re rendering cheap water without cubemaps some weird shit can happen, even though I’ve never seen that happen specifically.

Try rebuilding them, or if you never placed any env_cubemaps do that. Something may have changed engine wise that could cause this to happen.

I looked it up on interlopers, and this looks like it might be similar to your problem?