What on pluto is up with my map? Lighting and Texture issues.

So i have an env_sun, some buildings have lights in them their lit up fine, heck they light up the street:


two what the hell is going on with my texture, its not like this in VTF edit or Photoshop xD;


three, i asked a guy if it was ok if i could use his models/props (on the workshop GTA V Model packs) in my map, how do i you know add them in as props? Do i extract them with gmad or what im so confused :confused:

You need to put down a light_environment to create a sun, env_sun won’t generate the light

Oh, that’s what I forgot xD, so do you know what’s up with the 7 Day Food store logo? I’m so confused, I added it and what not, Loaded up hammer, the first time it was not even the right colours the 2nd time it was just flipped with out reason how ever the colours fixed them selves, I don’t see and option in the texture editors to flick it or am I just being dumb?

Change the texture’s alignment from World to Face.

To get the models/props working in hammer, you would have to pack the materials and models into a folder and then make that folder into a vpk. Also, do you mind me asking what hammer you use? (SourceMultiTool, Hammer included in the game, etc)

If you literally have no clue what the fuck you’re talking about, don’t try to act smart.

OP: For models, use gmad extractor to open the .gma file from your addons folder. Then take the “models” and “materials” folders, and throw them into your garrysmod\garrysmod folder.

Make notes of what models you’re using though, as you’ll need to pakrat them in later.

What i said applies to SourceMultiTool, not the bin version of hammer, which is why i asked what hammer he is using. Or did you not read that?

Thank you.

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Thank you so much!

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I would close the tread but i have another question, when making window textures, do you just make a opaque texture and have an alpha channel behind it? Because for the windows i want the logo on them.

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Oh and, i saw in a old unrealesed map the nicest little detail: [video]https://youtu.be/G98Py5qWJnQ[/video] How would i go about doing a alarm like that?