what other addons should i add to my TTT Server?

These are my current ones:


I just need some more players, because i always have to join to get the players to join,
i did have custom pointshop models, they worked fine, but they seemed to just have to many workshop downloads when joining the server.

Use FastDL if you have to much workshop stuff being sent to the player; it goes quicker overall. Otherwise, addons aren’t going to attract players; good communities with a good playerbase is.

My TTT server has gotten to the point where there are too many addons that the players join and just say fuckit, it’s too different then what I was searching for. Stay close to default TTT, but then again have a few unique things.

I have a lot of unique weapons i personally customized their functionality myself and made them special i have like 45 traitor weapons with a very fastDL , a unique Pointshop with a lot of models and a unique website,Steam group and all that needs to be for a professional Full server but im not getting it, my server is empty almost all day… need help to how to attract players :frowning: what u said isnt so true cause i have all those things but no players…

Fourty. Five. Traitor weapons


Having a fancy server isn’t a recipe for success. Creating something that will leave a mark on them is what it is. It’s not the server (in some cases yes it is), it’s the community. You need to get friends on the server to start it up. Not dicks, but friends. Be friendly and have fun. Running a server is much more than just buying addons and making everything look nice.