What other games do I need with Gmod?

Do I need other steam games to have the textures work with Gmod, if so which ones? Thanks!

There aren’t any required games anymore, as far as I’m aware. You can use content from Counter-Strike: Source, Team Fortress 2, Day Of Defeat: Source, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Portal 1, and Portal 2, though.

A lot of role-play servers use content from Counter-Strike: Source, and Half-Life 2: Episode 2.

Other than that, not much. You can get the textures free at the link below.

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CS:S is pretty much the only necessary one. The other most common would be EP2, DOD:S, and Portal 1. HL2 is useless since GMod contains the HL2 content by default.

CSS is probably the most important, followed by EP2, and DoD:S and Portal 1 are not used much. Neither is EP2, but it sees some use.

CSS is the most important thing to have with gmod.
There are free download packs out there for Counter strike source, and they will tell you how to put them into your gmod.

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Or he can just buy it?

Or you can get it free?
why is this a question?

Because that’s called warez, and CS:S is a great game anyways. It’s easier to buy it then to download content packs.

HL2 isn’t entirely useless - You get all of the NPC dialouge and stuff.

The only thing that is necessary is CS:S. Maybe Episode 2 as well, but I’m not sure.

Episode 2 comes with some new npcs and tons of tree models, which are often used in outdoor maps

You don’t need any google cscheater and get the textures. You should also download tf2 or it might not work

(User was banned for this post ("suggesting warez" - postal))

or you can not be trash and give back to game developers’ hard work.

It’s easier just to buy the game.

I have a friend I just got Garrys Mod for. but he doesn’t have CSS so he looked in the workshop and found files that will let him play without CSS. Is this illegal? I assume so but it’s in the workshop. Also, i’ve read recently about “placeholder” textures and models so you can still play without CSS, it just looks bad. Whats the thought about those?

Yes they’re illigal. Valve checks for those periodically, but people will upload then in the mean time.

report them

pretty sure placeholders are allowed though.

If the model is entirely user-made, then it’s perfectly legal, isn’t it? I’m talking about model packs (or single models) that are designed to replace the default CS:S models. It won’t look like the default model obviously, but even a weird model+skin is better then a big red ERROR!

I would think that would be considered a place holder so i would assume it’s legal, based on what lurker said. Also wasn’t there CSS placeholder textures in GMOD for a while? what happened with those?