What other strategies are there for people playing alone?

This one works well but I am looking fore more.

If you use this trick then you are an asshole and I hope anyone will kill you

lol pretty funny :slight_smile:

haha that’s actually pretty sad and funny.

That really sucks…

… and people will one day wonder why Rust fails.


this would only work on a green noob not on a seasoned vet who just respawned or joined a new server. a vet would shoot you in the face with a pipe shotgun or take your gifts and build elsewhere. Also why knock on the door to warn him?

ultimately anyone running this scam is a coward and deserves a coward’s death.

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What other strategies are there for people playing alone?

Kill anything that moves.

I usually just stay away from people and don’t go out at night unless you’re willing to die.

The cardinal rule of playing Rust: Do not trust anyone, ever, under any circumstances, no matter what they say, no matter how nice they are being, and no matter how much stuff they give you. Kill every single solitary person you come across. And if you can’t kill them, run. Because there is no such thing as generosity or kindness.

“I usually just stay away from people and don’t go out at night unless you’re willing to die.”

Well farming the night is 10 times safer than farming the day lol

It’s an asshole move… But it made me laugh…

There is a way with more profit than this and you arent the bad guy.
You give him a place to live close to your base and tell em that you are going to protect him/them for a tax.

some wood and metal plus some “raiders” with not that much stuff will see the shack as an easy target, so you can kill him and take his stuff.

This is absolutely genius and hilarious. Well done.

Room service!!!

Smart, but assholish xD As he said at the end, it could backfire on you later on.

For everybody complaining: These are the kind of things that make the game interesting/entertaining, even when you’re on the receiving end.

People have been saying this about EVE for a decade, which is a much more ruthless environment than Rust will ever be, and the game is still running/stronger than ever before.

Sandboxes aren’t for everyone. That is the true bottom line.

i’ve actually thought of something even better than this. when you go raiding, instead of killing everyone, and their bags, just blow open all of their doors, and replace them with unlocked doors of your own. and then you have two options, take everything, and leave them baffled at where their stuff went “its alpha guys, shit happens” or take bits and bobs while they’re out doing things. and they prolly won’t notice. of course it won’t do any good if a less savvy raider stumbles upon your unlocked hotel of resources/ammo/guns… but it could work for a while.

beauty of it is, they won’t even know anything is wrong, unless they have a new teammate, and they try to use a door code.