Im in Need of help, im trying to figure out a good prebuilt pc for rust that i can get 60fps on on best graphics under 800$ i want no lag at all.

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I present you

Would you be willing to build your own PC?

You would save a ton of money and you would be able to upgrade more easily without voiding any warranties.

I second this! You get far more bang for your buck building you own machine.

try this one.

and you have $300 left to spend on tapes!!

Hey I started out on one of those Tandy TSR80 lol brings back some memories

For a pre-built I would try the Dell Xps Line ($500) and buy a gfx card like a gtx 970 ($330).
Unfortunately, most pre-builts around your range ($800) will not have the sufficient gfx card to play with no lag.
I’m no expert but FIND pre-builts that have these qualities:

CPU: at least Quad-Core (cpu has 4 cores, if cpu says dual, its the wrong one)

  • Examples: i5, i7, athlon x4, etc

Ram: At least 8GB

GFX Card:

  • Nvidia Cards: GTX 970
  • AMD Cards: Radeon R9 290X

Both cards are around $300, but with these cards you will be able to play with no lag (barring your own internet) and with 60fps, also on max settings everything.

Hope That Helps :slight_smile:

You won’t be able to play Rust at a constant 60fps no matter your specs. It’s an unoptimized alpha that always lags when the server population is high and there are a lot of player-built structures.
However, I agree with some of the above posters. For $800, you’re definitely better off building your own desktop.

Not a bad suggestion but keep in mind the off the shelf PC’s typically use crap ram or cheap power supplies in order to keep Costc down. The cases are also not really designed to move enough air for some of the higher end vid cards so it’s touch and go for cooling when gaming with a game like rust that tends to tax the hardware a bit. I have also noticed that the mother boards on prebuilt systems Dell/HP specifically don’t usually have very good capacitors as a rule, again costs on their part. Some HP systems actually have ASUS boards lately which is nice but unless you know which model does it’s a crap shoot. I far prefer to build my own, but it can get costly if your not careful. There are some decent enthusiast level components available online from various suppliers but you have to have some knowledge of what you are pairing together for it to be worth while. Buy cheap ram and you can have as much as you want it won’t really give you the results, good ram in a crap motherboard same crap results.

I’m on a cheap, off-the-shelf system from Fry’s…IIRC, it was $600 complete. Though, I did recently upgrade the vid card, and that vastly improved the game experience. It didn’t help the d-bag bottom feeding naked hunters, but at least it looked better. :wink:

HP Envy Phoenix, H9-1330PC


…I bought a local used GTX 750ti for $100, and it helped a lot. Game is smooth now except for things caused server-side (like those annoying 3 to 6 second pauses that happen all too often).

That’s similar to what we did for my son, dropped my old card in for him and he is happy as a clam with it. It was an older HP and to my surprise when I opened it up for the vid card swap the mother board is ASUS. Bi also added some lower latency ram for a small boost. Plays well enough for him, he’s saving for college so didn’t want to build a rig and costco had these on discount so it works.

Rust can be very enjoy able and still good looking at simple settings. quad core cpu, 8gb memory and video card in the $150 range like an AMD R9 270 should be perfect for ya. If you have to have 60fps then you definitely want $300 range gpu mfg’d the last 2 years.