What port does Rust use? Is it possible to run through a proxy?

I am trying to play Rust at my computer at school, and before you say “hurr don’t play vidya at school”, we have 1-2 hours recess at times and I want to spend that time farming when I don’t have anything else to do.

Free solutions would be best, but I could try some cheaper ones as well. When trying to play I get to download the game, and then it gives me error when trying to connect, and retries endlessly.

Honestly, I think playing through a proxy would be useless.

I believe that playing through a proxy, and especially free ones, would lower your internet speed a lot. You not being able to connect. I’m not sure about rust, but most games run UDP, which is something most proxies have blocked. Your best bet would be to buy a VPN, or if you’re really lucky, find one that’s free without any blocks.

can’t you run a proxy server at home and use it to play rust?

Up speed is too low.

I would suggest using VPN One Click, it’s free and very simple. I used to stream using the vpn uploading at 4000ko/s (but I do have the premium version)

Damn I wish I had 2 hour recess sessions.

I don’t know if you want to log in from different locations very often, in general. It’s a great way to get accidentally banned for looking like you’re account sharing. Just play something good while you’re at school.

EDIT: At my school, using the WiFi causes you to have to deal with blocked ports. Can’t really play any online games or even log into steam when using WiFi. Plugging in ethernet cable fixes that, oddly enough. I guess they just don’t want people gaming on their wireless connection.

You live in sweden.

Get https://www.relakks.com/ it’s cheap as shit

Doesn’t matter as of now. Used the one click VPN and the game lagged to shit.

Damn these school computers. Atleast they’re better than the ones without harddrives.

Oh, you’re playing on school computers… Thought you brought you own computer to school. I misread the OP when you said “trying to play Rust at my computer at school”.

I would never play anything on a school computer without permission from a prof. anyway. You kinda run the risk of violating their ToS and getting in shit, especially when you’re running a VPN to subvert their port-blocking.

There’s no ToS.

Also I am waiting for our Macbooks to come in. I don’t think the game is blocked if you’re just on the network.

Wow, Sweden is really nice. By simply attending my school I’m subject to terms that disallow certain unwanted behaviours over the school’s network. VPNs are a violation, as well as torrenting, and a number of other things.

If we torrent we lose our shit, but there’s almost no regulations.

1st world problems.

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well, I’ve never heard someone from the 3rd world make a 1st world problem, so either you said something wrong or I misinterpreted it wrong.

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Just for the record here, what got us “off-topic” was posting the phrase “first world problems” instead of actually posting anything helpful.

We’re getting offtopic, let’s get back on it.

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