What port does the Devnull DDoS Program use for attacks?

Many of our GMOD customers are being hit by people running this program, and just from watching a Youtube video of it, it looks like the port to send the traffic on cannot be specified by the user. As this is the case, I assume that the port is hardcoded or atleast static. Does anyone know what port it uses to attack servers?

Our Datacenters have confirmed that they can setup blocks on our machines for whatever incoming port(s) this program uses, so if we can find it that would be fantastic.

It would be best to try and capture that info with wireshark during an attack, as the port range can be quite large.

Devnull uses ports 1-65535

Have fun.

Just run gmod on port 0 or 65536 and you will be fine

For the CoD4 based attacks (which are the most common ones) block the range 27200 - 36000.