What ports do I need for a server?

Ok, a while ago, I wanted my friend to join a server that I made, and he told me that the server wasn’t responding. I searched on google to try to find a solution, and I found that it said that I needed to forward my ports.

My question is, HOW can I open ports and forward them, and WHAT ports do I need to open for my server to work?

And if your gonna tell me portforward.com, at least give me a specific address that can help me.

you can configure it to any ports demands on what server u gonna run here is a example of my server i use different than normal ports in autoexec.cfg i write

clientport 8128 (Port for Incoming Connections)
hostport 8129 (Server Port)
tv_port 22 (HL-TV Port)

Just so you know, your HLTV port is the SSH port… Not a good idea to run anything but SSH on that… Anyone reading this thread should know that the default HLTV port is 27020, and that you should NEVER put anything on port 22 except SSH.

www.portforward.com…Then go and search for your router…Then find the game and follow the instructions.

Since HL-TV is never used you could put ANY port on it

Well, I found my router, but I couldn’t find Garry’s Mod.

Alright, You can go to portforward.com and look for steam stuff…

But the server ports that I use in garry’s mod to be unlocked on my router include 27015 and 27020

Those or the main steam dedicated server ports… but they work for me…

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all ports from 27010 to 27030

Find half life 2, they use the same ports.