What program do i use to make props/models?

Hay! just wondering, anyone who knows what program i can use to make Props or Models for Garrys Mod? :3

I’m currently using Milkshape 3D, but you can’t just make models and directly put them in gmod, theres a whole process behind it, so be sure to check youtube for tutorials.

I know! :stuck_out_tongue: Will do! :smiley: And Thx btw! :3

Stop using emoticons, this is not AOL or MSN.

Okay, sorry! :smile:

use sketchup you wont be disappointed. ALSO they make plugins so you can upload straight to Gmod, most of the time.

You still have to compile the SMDs (like every other modelling program), it doesn’t export to MDL ¬.¬

3DS Max and Photoshop if you have the cash.

3DS max and Photoshop.


Holy shit, I just realized you almost live next door to me!

3DS is way too expensive. $300? No way man.

3DS max 2010 is better than 2011, just sayin.

Blender is free if you don’t feel like breaking the law or spending a shit ton of money on something you’re gonna get bored of in a couple hours.

Sketchup isn’t recommended for lowpoly game modeling. It’s a light CAD software.


Go with Blender or something.

I use kHed, which only does props, and if you mess with ragdolls in it, they mess up in-game, and lose their rigging. So, yeah, if you only want PROPS(title) then you could try this, it’s got a easy-to-use interface I figured out in about 5 minutes.