What program is best to model with that is easy to understand?

Hey im just wondering which program i should use to model and texture with that is easy pick up quickly and easy to understand?

Free: Blender.

Easy: 3DS Max.

Ah k thanks

I’d recommend xsi simply because it works best with source. and it’s free. of course, 3dsmax IS the best option if money is not a problem.

You say that, but people that buy 3DS Max and use Blender of of preference aren’t unheard of.

I use xsi. I’d love to have 3dsmax, but I’d probably find if I bought it I’d still use xsi, because i’m too lazy for another interface.



I tried the 3DS Max trial but I had such a hard time learning the interface I gave up after an hour or so.

Milkshape is pretty easy to understand in my opinion, although it’s very limited in terms of what engines it can work with.

Well right out of the box it’s compatiable with Half-Life 1/2, Max Paynes, Unreal engine games (I think the old engine though), various common model formats, Sims stuff, Serious Sam, a fuckload of games right from purchase. It’s just very limited with what you can actually accomplish with Milkshape.

I think 3DS Max is the most versatile and easiest, however.