What program to use to make models?

I wanna try to model for source (I’ve modeled for Halo: Custom Edition), but I have no clue what program(s) I should use to make models in the Source engine. Maya? 3ds?

A little searching would probably have answered that for you. I prefer 3DS Max, and so does many seem to do. However, it’s not free though, so I suggest either XSI or Blender.

Thanks ALOT. Blender seems easy enough for me to use.

I use blender all the time and it works great for me :smiley:

I still need to find an easy tut for Blender…


The only thing you could do with that is props and W models.
For animating any v model, it is the worst shit and have never gotten it to work.

Is there a trial version of 3DS max?


I am currently moddeling with blender. People seem to be very unhappy with it and converting models to source seems almost impossible, so why do so many people use it in the first place?
Is XSI more comfortable? I will try that next.
Anyway**, I want to animate a first person model. What should I use? The Blender animation tool?
Are there better alternatives?