What programs are best for Machinima?

Hey, I have The Script written out for my new Machinima.

I have Adobe elements 2.0, and Fraps which i’ve used in the past, but are there any other good programs for Machinima?

Also, anyone interested in helping out with a machinima is welcome.
My Steam ID is: James Hunt. MY aviator is a Canadian Flag :D:D

There’s a tutorial on here somewhere for Source Recorder.
You’ll never need Fraps again. Fully smooth, HD video can be made with Source Recorder.
Well worth it.

But source recorder is obtuse.

If he has FRAPs to hand, then he can make a source recording, play it in Gmod and record with FRAPs while the demo plays. On your screen it’ll look jerky as fuck, but the video it’s outputting will be at however many frames per second you set it to record at.

I would recommend these for in-game help

Better Cameras (the can move and stuff):

NPC Camera:

Over the shoulder view:

Help you get more perspectives on everything…