What qualifies in you mind as admin abuse?

Or what makes a good admin and what makes a bad admin?

admin pays for his server, he should be able to do whatever he wants

The one that uses it’s powers against another player, or to help a friend.

Honestly I do not care if he spawns 1k of low quality metal to build his dream house, as long as he doesn’t raid my house with his spawned C4.
^That and anything else to help a friend.

And there is your problem with rust. Too many kid’s taking mummy’s bank card to pay for a server. With hosting servers comes some sort of responsibility. If you want to abuse it lock it to you and your boyfriends from school. People host servers to get others to play with or to start a community. That isn’t something easy to do and when you purchase a server you know full well that you can’t just do what you want even though you pay for it.

go find a new server then if you dont like what people do with servers they paid for.

While this is true (he paid, he can do whatever he wants), there’s good and bad admins (this is a fact). One should not say that an admin should be a good admin. In the end it doesn’t matter. He bought the server, he does whatever he wants.

But his freedom ends where your freedom starts. Period. We are civilization and we should act as one. Otherwise we wouldn’t have any laws around the world.

You people should stop acting like “I paid, I can do whatever I want.” <- This is against the whole idea of a peaceful world.

In the end, you don’t like the server, leave. But do not act like this is totally right and correct, because it isn’t. (it’s up to the admin anyway)

If its a private server i don’t care if he hacks the entire game and sells it to Russia, but aslong as it is public listed in the game
an admin can not do whatever he wants, just as if you are on steam you need to follow certain rules, until the point you can host the server from home
we need rules on how admins and players act, everyone who pays for the game deserves a playable server without abuse.

But what qualifies as abuse…Still no one has answered the question.

The only thing you can do when you encounter an abusive admin is leave, just straight up leave.
Make a fit, announce it to the server so maybe you will get everyone else to leave too.

but there is no way to prevent admin abuse, they can and will run it anyway they so please.

jesus i knew you guys were delusional but i didn’t think it was to this extent

this is a game. stop talking about “civilization follows rules”, it doesn’t work like that. He pays for the server, he can do whatever he wants with it. If you don’t like it, you can change servers. This isn’t fucking rocket science.

even if you disagree with the way an admin is running his server, unless he’s taking donations, you have literally no say in it because you don’t actively do anything FOR the server. as a player, you just take advantage of someone paying money so you can mooch off what they bought. that’s all it is. you can tell yourself otherwise, but what exactly are YOU doing for the admin? nothing. unless that changes, you can whine all you want about people being assholes but it really doesn’t matter what you have to say because i can pretty much guarantee the admin doesn’t care about you, especially if you complain about “admin abuse”

exactly, let the servers sort themselves out with playercount as a measure of how ‘abusive’ admins are.

It would be a lot better if it’s easier to tell if they are spawning things in so you can change servers. They want to do that stuff? Fine, it’s their server. But when it’s near impossible to tell if they are spawning things in or not makes it hard to find a suitable server, since no one will openly admit that they are using their powers unfairly.


they’re not using their powers unfairly, they’re using their powers.

The question wasn’t “What should an admin be allowed to do?”, it was “What makes an abusive admin?”. Just because an admin (or server owner) can do what he wants, doesn’t mean he SHOULD if he (or she) wants to keep players on his server. An ‘abusive’ admin is one who uses their privilege in order to give themselves a functional advantage over other players or to mess with other players’ ability to play the game. This could be as simple as spawning materials to build a ‘bunker’, to using teleports to kill players, to using admin commands to directly affect other players. Some of these behavior would probably be tolerated in certain conditions (like building a bunker from spawned materials if you abstain from raiding yourself, or running around in godmode if you abstain from PvP). But if you host a public server, presumably you want to attract players and in general this behavior will drive them away. So… do what you want, but be aware if you abuse that power you’re pretty much just throwing your money away.

What do I consider admin abuse? Intentionally ruining the experience for other players and being unfair in judgement.

What do I consider a good admin? My answer is unorthodox.

A good admin is one who uses commands only when necessary.
A bad admin is one who is using commands very often.

Why? Because realistically you shouldn’t need to gag/mute/kick/ban/etc people on a minute by minute basis.

If you find yourself doing so you are probably just actively looking for any mild offense that allows you to use your powers, which is not your job and just displays you are trigger-happy when it comes to administration.

I used to admin a ton of servers across various games. While everyone else was kicking and slaying people for “disrespect” I simply only stepped in when the situation was out of hand. And in Minecraft if there was a dispute between factions instead of being lazy and throwing around bans I would try to resolve it so both groups were happy. That is what an admin should do.

I don’t entirely agree or disagree.

I don’t see it as abuse if an admin is spawning himself items and building things in a remote portion of the map, not bothering anyone. Or if he’s spawning himself weapons and raiding ridiculously dominant factions for the soul purpose of keeping the server “in balance”.

What is and isn’t considered abuse is going to be subjective from person to person.

yeah but it’s funny

Wrong. The players that join are adding to the gaming experience. Don’t think they add anything? Go make your own server and ban anyone from joining. See how fun it is to play all by your self.

An admin can set what ever rules they want on their server for a unique experience, but when they use those powers to change the game play for the betterment of some players over others, they are taking away from everyones gaming experience.

You can’t force admins to be fair but they should understand where that line is if they want to run a good server that people want to play on. When you say that owners can do what ever they want, it’s the same as saying, “I bought the monopoly game, I can take money out of the bank to buy property if I want to.” What kind of dick does that? You want to change the rules to better your experience? Fine, but I don’t have to play with you if you do.

that was literally my first point

That’s an environment you’d enjoy playing within, as regular player or admin? Is it reductio ad absurdum or something you really think?