What race is that?

wtf i am red, how is this happen? there are no race which is looks like this…

this is stupid, i want human color! (or blue)

at least u have penis

I know how you feel, yesterday, during the wipe my friend was COMPLETELY black. It was night time and all you could see was his fearsome, white glowing eyes. Tell me, what race is COMPLETELY black to the point where he invisible during night?!

I don’t see what’s wrong with that?

Back in high school I had an African teacher who was literally the perfect shade of pitch black, I’m not even joking if he were to stand in front of a black wall all you would be able to see would be his eyes and his teeth if he were smiling. So in answer to your question it is completely possible and not at all out of the ordinary (if you’re an African of course).

We fell under attack shortly after with white men with bows. I couldn’t quite figure out if my friend was my friend, or a bear.

That doesn’t look like red to me.
Orange, maybe, but can’t see any red tint, only brown.

Checked your monitor settings?


color codes from random point from the body,
it is typical double amount of red then green, with a little bit blue…
this color is close dark orange, I lived in Europe, and now live in Miami this skin color is not exist :smiley:

You were assigned the Martian race.

Someone fell into Trump’s tank of fake tan…


Velvet Cake Man

redguard. at least you are good with swords and get the adrenaline boost racial power;)

Mushroom people.
From the back their heads looks like a mushroom.

Lol I went from Heavily tanned Russian Man to Rusty Redskin Negro American Indian Hellboy, or Rusty Negrodian.

I’m actually really damn handsome. I look like Bruce Willis.