What Rates should I use

Hello, My server endures mic lag at 25+ players I"m wanting to know if anyone knows what rates would make the mic lag stop completely and continuousness be stopped lagging at 50 players.

Thank you.
Hayden Binkley
IronIcGaming Staff 2010

50000 minrate/maxrate.

The same question was aked in another thread. Also may aswell post it here too, can someone give me suggested rates for the following;


install Teamspeak 3 server on it. or find a copy of ventrilo server that allows more than 8 players, it has superior voice quality to ingame voice comms.

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the ingame voice stuff is shit quality.

That isn’t what he is asking.

Well, if its using ingame voice comms thats causing the lag why wouldnt installing an external one on the server solve it?

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Does anyone have an actual suggestion towards rates?

Why? all im saying is that Teamspeak 3 and Ventrilo are better than the ingame voice comunications.

That’s not what was asked, so stop posting.

I use these for my 66 tick server. I also force the clients rates to match the servers.

//Network Settings
	sv_maxrate	      "30000"
	sv_minrate	      "10000"
	sv_maxupdaterate      "66"
	sv_minupdaterate      "33"
	sv_maxcmdrate         "66" 
	sv_mincmdrate         "33"

What type of playercount do you get with thoes rates, I’m looking for a solution that works in the 30 - 60 player range.

I have only tested these up to 24 players, they should be pretty universal. Best thing to do is just start testing different combinations out to get the best result for your situation.

Yeah, well so far every solution I have tried has made little to no difference past 30 - 35 players. Maybe someone with a little more popular community could shed some light.


Also raise tickrate to 66 works for me.


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