What really grinds my gears...

These are some of the things that bug me about rust, and many other games, and solutions in my mind, to what you could do:

  1. We have geiger counter no pants?

I understand the whole naked thing, but i feel, that logically, geiger counters shoudnt be somthing you spawn with…
After all, you would not be able to make it yourself from metal and such, after all: ‘The radiation sensing element is an inert gas-filled Geiger-Müller tube (usually containing helium, neon, or argon with halogens added)’

A solution would be to have it as a object made from found parts and materials, like scavanged diodes, scavanged transistors from old radios etc, the Geiger-Müller tube itself would likely be very rare and hard to find.

  1. Nobody knows how to metal doors?

Seriously, how hard would it be to make a metal door, i know i could come up with how to make one, the same for many other things
like pickaxes, armor etc etc.

Why don’t we have a system where you have to make the recipies by putting materials into a GUI that would logically go together, and if you find out a proper,
logical crafting solution, it gets added to a crafting list for your player.

However more complex items should need blueprints like things such as electrical items and complex traps ( beyond beartraps and tripwires ).

  1. Starting with the same stuff.

why would everyone have the same stuff on spawning, why not have some standard stuff, and chances of random items extra being on you at spawn, this could help with the Geiger-Müller tube issue
and also help bring in more varied items. However, i suppose it would mean that many fresh-spawned players would be hunted specificly for these items then…

  1. Starving.

From what i have found, after dieing of starvation and spending many hours wondering around the map, i still rarely ever see any animal, and when i do, its usually a bear or wolf
Neither of these 2 can be killed when you spawn, and to make a weapon to allow you to kill them for the meat, you would need a furnace, and to make the furnace, you need animal fat… as a result, its a loop.

I think it would be good if more non-violent animals spawned around the map, to allow new spawners to start up easier.

After all this is my personal experiance of finding food / animals, i dont know how everyone else’s luck is.

These are just my thoughts and my opinions, i figured i shall drop them here for you.

I do understand that garry will likely not change his opinions, but mabye, if he reads this, he may think an idea or 2 of mine is actually a good one (unlikely)

One thing i do wish, is should anyone just rate dumb, is that they explain or make a post as to why this post is dumb so i can rate their post dumb as revenge! (actually its so i know why the hell it is dumb to voice your own opinions)

This isn’t Minecraft.

Yes, i know that, it doesn’t take a genius to figure that out, i said nothing about mining and placing blocks etc, i fail to see what minecraft has to do with my post in any way, care to elaborate?

The only thing i seem to agree with you is the geiger counter.
Radiation is sometimes reffered to a “Invisible Death” and i think it should stay that way.
You could have the screen becomining ditorted, like. begining to feel sick, without a radiation bar or anything. The Geiger counter could be craftable from expensive items only taken from drops or metal loot chests.

Exactly my thoughts.

The whole screen fuzzing thing annoys me even more, after all, its not like we are looking through a camera…

you can kill boars with a stone or stone hatchet. after you get clothes for a bow - you can shot bears… it is not a loop.

this game…is an alpha. half of the guns are just place holders, thats how alpha it is.

If you read what i posted, you would realise that i had stated that after moving around for several house, i could not find any non-violent animals that don’t kill you easly.

I know that, im just posting my opinions, i dont think i even mentioned guns in my post…
As it happens, the only mention of guns on this whole page is your post, and this exact post im typing in right here.

Ah. Another thing I forgot to mention. You can kill zombies/wolves/bears with a rock if you just keep trying. You just need to hit them before they hit you and run around them.But yea. It is a hell of a lot easier when you got a friend to play with. or a random stranger you found ingame

I agree on the animals, more passive animals should be spawned, that only run away when attacked. Either that, or make food easier to find outside of just animals or zombies, because I find myself also not finding anything but wolves, and end up taking the risk and dying. Could be just me though.

I hope they will add a plant farming system in the future.
And if so, Could I be the only one to be able to grow cannabis?
That way I will be the official cannabis dealer of Rust_Island_2013

Hear me out Peter.

This game is in an Alpha stage.It should and is not here for any kind of entertainment purpose, but solely testing and feedback.

Metal Doors - is a part of a progression, you need to set up and get some gear to be able to kill some zombies and hope for it to drop or just run stupidly into the radiation zones and luck out on picking it up. Once you do get one, getting metal fragments is not an easy task, but will be rewarding. Once the door is placed down, you will not be raided straight away as it is not very common that someone will stroll by with 2-3 C4 and blow your door out.

I have never had an issue with finding something to kill for food. There was an issue when boars/chickens/rabbits/deers were not spawning, but that is because it is in alpha. But even then I pulled through.

This game plays a huge part on the survival, and in this game - The strong survive

#2 sounds exactly like the crafting box in Minecraft.

Minecraft invented logical GUI crafting.

Sue every other gaming company. Micecraft invented how to gaeim

My disagreement your proposed crafting system is at the moment dividing and moving items to and from inventories is a bit of a pain (although it exists to prevent the quick taking of an enemy corpse’s items). We would have to change up the item movement system to function differently within the crafting GUI in order to efficiently add and remove items for creating goods(shift click removing items, and right click splitting). That is unless you were in favor of a more irritating crafting system in order to gain more realism.

Just my two cents instead of rating the post dumb.

Two hours, I just needed two hours after the steam wipe to get the metal door blueprint, a nice house, some m4, mp5 and shotugn and a lot of materials, only two hours and by myself.

Is really easy to get things done. Maybe just a little bit difficult at the beginning but that’s the nice thing about it.

while i agree with #3 (spawning with same items) that can be exploited so that people just keep respawning with suicide and getting items that way. Now you can implement it to where it was like warz that gave you new items when you made a new character 10 times and then it gave you nothing. So that would be a good way to get people to stick with their spawns as well cause they wouldnt want to waste their 10 respawns trying to get near something. You would wait to build up a shack then use your suicides to gather those free items. Although even then its still exploited cause free items shouldn’t be that easy. You have to work for things in this game. Thats why you start with a rock lol

Not for the metal doors but I agree

In response to number 4, you don’t need a furnace to make a decent weapon. wood and stones make a stone hatchet with which you could kill a wolf. As soon as you have killed one animal, make a bow and arrows, then you can kill anything.

I like the game the way it is personally. A lot of people whine about how hard it is to get started but it really isn’t. You just have to work smart and it pays to team up.