What Really Is CS:S's Jump Power?

This is something that really is werid because I get so many different answers for this people say 284, 301.993377, 290. But what really is the CS:S jump power? Whats the best way to find out?

“Jump power” would be the strength of gravity in CS:S.
If you type “sv_gravity” in the console of Counter-Strike Source, the default setting is 800.

I know that im talking about ply.SetJumpPower

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In CS:S you can’t do like sv_jumppower X and it shows up like sv_gravity

It may not be exact, but I’ve found a jump power 220 to get pretty accurate results.


Remind me not to help FiBzY for his shitty attitude of rating people who are trying to help him dumb.

If you’re going to insult people like that you should figure it out yourself.

I also found the answer by Googling.

And to think I was about to post the answer for him


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I got two answers math.sqrt(2 * 800 * 57.0) or math.sqrt(280052).

Was curious, googled. Found this: Sqrt(2sv_gravityjump_height)

Sqrt(260052) = ~250. That seems like a lot, but it could be because I’m not used to CS:S physics anymore…

Yea on CS:S the gravity is 800 not 600 but, I see what you mean I think it’s 52 for standing but I don’t hit the top like on CS:S. With 57 I hit it the top but, looking at dimensions from Vale they say its 52. This makes no sense.

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It might be random meaning it goes from 52-57. From leaked Source 2007 sourcecode it says its math.sqrt(2 * 800 * 57) but on CS:S dimensions is 52?

That’s because the jump height scales with the stamina level slightly; I believe the min/max jumps were defined by some enums in the 2007 code like STAMINA_HEIGHT_MIN/MAX

Ooh I get it now so its really 288.44 but with cs:s’s stamina they made it 301.99. So servers like surf/bhop on cs:s they remove the stamina but didn’t change the jump power therefore you hit the top on walls ect… makes sense now thanks code_gs.