What rules should a server have?


im done with gmod ive realised how cancerous darkrp made the game gaben forgive me for attempting to make a shitRp server


“Don’t be an asshole.”

That rule alone is nearly all-encompassing.

First of all don’t make rules that you can’t enforce.
Other than that just make player use common fucking sense, it’s your server and it’s up to you to decide who gets the short end of the stick

Just removed like 50% of server rules and put in common sense lmao

I think that an RP server (at least) should just have this:

(1) If you are found to be deliberately creating a negative experience for other players that an admin decides is outside the scope of roleplay, you can expect to be warned, kicked, or banned.

(2) If players persistently ask admins exactly how much they can get away with without getting banned / kicked / warned, then they will also be kicked. This is an RP server, not a “how much can I get away with” server. You have been warned.

Actual custom content


same shit, also:

  1. Do not break NLR

So are you telling me i should allow players to comeback to the place they died? e.g. a cop got killed by someone, he is allowed to comeback and arrest them?


Common sense.

I’d let the police define the laws tbh. Much more interesting. Especially if a dead mayor = demoted. Have some defaults set, and a way for players to view them pretty much anywhere.

Also the “text only” warning is a bit bullshit. What a great way to easily mug someone, follow them, wait for that dumbass to start typing and then initiate the mug.

Ok, This will be a PrisonRP server. So everything is set in a prison. Bitcoin miners are basically moneyprinters but you have to exchange the bitcoins for money. Riots can only be started in a gang since if only 1 person would be rioting it wouldnt really make sense. Also the things you said that are “common sense” are really not since a lot of servers enforce players to advert all the things they do.

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That would be very interesting but could what rules could be changed? i wouldnt really like a rule saying “bitcoin miners are legal” or “guns are legal”. Also the “text only” is only for warning people to back off if they are following you etc. etc.
Also thank you for your opinion on the rules. will change that.

The only 3 rules any server needs are as follows:

  • Don’t be a dick.
  • Use common sense.
  • Listen to the staff.

All you need to do from there is make sure the staff aren’t incompetent or abusive and done! If someone comes on and starts saying “but its not in the rules” he is breaking all 3 rules.

Let there be in-game ways of dealing with that. Hence why I said dead mayor = demoted. Maybe some officers may be unsatisfied with not having much to do and decide to group together and force him to change laws/get shot. Can make them desire this by having monetary rewards for blowing up printers and such that I’ve seen on other servers before.

What about do have rules but if there is a mayor he can override some rules? e.g. gundealers in prison = aos and change it into something else? Would that be a good idea?

Set some default rules and all other rules can be set by the mayor/warden

1. Use common sense for EVERYTHING.

2. Roleplay logically (e.g. it isnt failrp if someone doesnt drop you money while you are mugging them)

3. Whenever you die you MAY comeback to the location of your death and for e.g. defend your base.

4. You dont need to advert your actions. 

5. Max mug is 1.5k; give them 7 seconds to drop it but watch out there is no such thing as FearRP!

6. Self-Defense is legal, if someone is following you/etc. etc. you may kill them

7. Riots can only be started while you are in a gang, to start a riot do /me riot.

8. We require to have headphones/speakers/etc. and a microphone is optional.

9. If you are found to be deliberately creating a negative experience for other players that an admin decides is outside the scope of roleplay, You will be punished.

All other rules/laws are set by the Warden.

You could do a hierarchical law system, where a smaller subset of server-wide rules are always applicable (call them “national laws” or something), and then your warden/mayor whoever can set the rest of them. Generally if you have more than seven server wide rules, you’re probably doing it wrong.

That’s how I’d set up the MOTD.

I have completed the rules, any ideas on punishments if they break the rules? Thanks.
Or i guess not, still suggestions coming in.

None. Anarchism by gameplay mechanics is the best system.

generally, a good concept is warn > kick > ban. Regardless the average age of players, you have no duty of expecting your players to not understand rules, think for themselves and apply common sense. In fact, always do expect that and it saves you a shitton of needless situations. If a player comes at you with the all famous “but it isnt in the rules fuckhead admin”, you can give them a quote I often use:

If you are not happy with the way a company treats it’s customers, you should read the agreement before accepting it. Companies are not at fault for customers not doing so.

Only rules you ever need.
The OP 10 rules are just silly and the tenth one is a statement, not a rule.

  1. Is stupid, if I really did die I wouldn’t be on the server any more would I? If people want to have these stupid rules then you should ban players who die for 1 hour from the server because they are dead.
  2. You shouldn’t be advert’ing anything.
    5, 6 and 7 contradict themselves in different ways, number 7 is definitely terrible, as I who practice self defense, you don’t stand there and warn someone that you will defend yourself, you just do it. It’s called the element of surprise and you don’t want to loose that.