What rust has done to me...

I have been up for abour 32 hours now… not playing any games… not doing anything… phone has been dead the whole time… instead im on here looking at everything my eyes glued to the monitor looking at your avatars
judging you on your # of posts… looking at my small amount as a sign i have small genitalia… now i go to sleep good day facepunch.

It’s made you sleep deprived, bored, unable to/uncaring about charging your phone, in need of a doctor, and a person with small genitalia.

Our genitalia just grew +1.

yes and i have a pube beard that is advancing down my leg faster than Germany invading Poland

You need help, there is something wrong with you.

Hundreds of others in the same spot just didn’t make a thread lawl y u so famous OP

its because im listening to homoerotic fantasies on my walkman while i’m opening the door getting on the floor and attempting to walk the dinosaur all at the same time

It’s made me live on America’s timezones thanks to the group I play with :v:


laugh it up parrot you silly goose

my dick so big all the bitches can sit on it

Seems like you really like Facepunch.

Got far too excited when passing a lumber yard on my way to work. Look at all those planks…

garry quick shut it down

B-but why?