What Rust is all about

“Rust started out as a DayZ clone. We liked the idea of DayZ but we got very frustrated when trying to play it.” -http://playrust.com/about/

I can tell that Rust is just as, if not more, frustrating as DayZ. Just a thought.

If you are reffering to the current server situation, then yes rust is frustrating.

If you are talking about the gameplay, you propably play the game “wrong”.

You can actually achieve something ingame, unlike dayz which is basically a deathmatch (except mods).

Just die a few times and learn the game. Dont bother the first 25 deaths and you will have loads of fun. I at least never had so much fun in dayz as in this early stage of rust.

Its about DDOS my son

Rust is more of a casual version of DayZ Epoch, Rust alpha is now my primary survival game, I only play DayZ when I want to fly or drive, when vehicles enter Rust I will likely take DayZ off of my SSD… the SA is so terrible atm, so don’t waste your money on that crap yet :wink: give rocket another 3 years and it might be a decent game.

for me, Rust should get back to “zombie survival” which was the initial plan, and that’s why people bought it.

such disappointing, much too late. nevertheless, Garry can still keep it rolling the way we want, if we can massively unite and vote for things we wanted to.