what rust needs

i think rust need rad animals,zombies or somekind of npc enemy that will drop bp and items like in legacy.

when players are killing mobs there will be sound of gun shot and more action in rust.

I think RUST need natural disasters. Who needs decay when an earthquake knocks stuff to the ground. Or how about a lighting strike and fire. Get rid of decay and just make disasters to clean this dump up :).

So you cant even leave for a single day, cause you have to watch after your stuff all along?

I’d rather have weather and/or natural disasters. The implications for terrain change due to erosion / tornadoes / flooding / forest fires / etc are staggering, but even I have to admit that’s pretty far off at this point.

It does not matter if your on or not if a rock slide takes out your base! :). It does not have to be that common either, the closer to the physics limit the more disasters. When your far away from the limit the world is peaceful.

Plus your reply is sort of stupid. I don’t watch 24/hours a day and guess what, I get raided. So I am not sure what your trying to say.