What;s the most sinister trap you've ever made in Gmod(9/10)?

So, I thought this would be a fun thread, I have always been a big fan of Spy vs. Spy, so of course I enjoy setting up sinister traps in Garrysmod, like, when I admin my server, when some random guy starts shooting things up, and killing him off with the included Admin SWEP from Mad Cow’s weapons is too… Simple, so instead I usually set up fun and bizzare traps. But I won’t go in on what I do, I want to hear what you did, details, description, let us all share our little devices of grim and swift fates…

Oh, and for those who dosn’t get the concept of Spy vs Spy, check this small 25 second long clip on why they rule at making traps, they are usually more clever in their traps than this, but… I always liked how grim it was:

Putting a button on a soda machine that spawns something above my head to kill me SO ORIGINAL NO ONE HAS EVER DONE THIS.

I don’t make sinister contraptions that kill people. I’m a friendly guy.

I… Made a portal button in the middle of Freespace. It was named “Free Cake!”

Upon pressage, a 203MM howitzer fired down from the heavens onto the hapless cake deprived soul.

get tard:

if(Active) {concmd(“quit”)}

A regular camera facing gay ragdoll sex pose and a regular button with some normal sounding name like “teleporter.” And a kill device of any kind. They have to quit the server or have me put a button in front of them.

A button that turns their screen completely black until you hit the button again. It’s harder than it sounds.

They press a button and turn into a ragdoll, then I rape them…

ravenholm blades on spawnpoints.

Wouldn’t that only ruin for you?

A button that banned the user for 20 mins. Said perma lol

Good Idea. :wink:


An incinerator named “Elevator”

A button named “Comedy Hurr.”

Pressing it caused the user to disconnect from the server with a free permaban.

this is what e2 holo is for

No it isnt. Just do my method but with the camera up against a black wall.

Or spawn a hologram on them.

A button that sets off dynamite, kills the player, toggles a camera looking at either a seizure inducing spray, or a meatspin spray, and leaves the player stuck like that until he reconnects.

Oh wait, I already said that :expressionless: