What (s)tools do you miss while building contraptions (non wire) ?

I want to try and make a few tools with lua, but I don’t build anymore. I DID build before though but it was like a year or two ago.

Some issues I see are people welding or no colliding their contraption to make it savable with the advanced duplicator. So I was thinking a solution for this would be to create a tool that will connect the props, but not actually create constraint entities to save resources and lag.

I also had the idea of making a stool that will make a prop not movable at all until you make it movable with the tool again. I think there is a tool like this already actually, but last time I tried it I had to fix it in order to make it work and that was forever ago.

I’m also thinking about making an all in one tool that will change the physics properties of an entity while still being backwards compatible with the popular weight tool. So you have one tool for changing that kind of stuff instead of having 10 tools for it. I could maybe even override the original physics properties tool.

Something I’ve always wanted to do before I dived into the whole lua part of gmod is to remake the slider constraint with just lua and no real constraint to make it not spazz out.

I’m about to release my latest weapon seats addon, which have been released before but was completely broken and ugly. I’ve fixed it up and made it pretty much perfect, except having proper hitboxes which I think I can’t do anything about. It’s pretty much a replicate of the normal seats, except you can use weapons in them.

Is building perfect nowadays? Is there a niggle or something you think can be solvable with a tool?

Like “hacking” in order to do something. I know no collide with world was achieved by using the advanced ballsocket, and now there is a tool for that. So I’m trying to find out if there are things like that I can make. No over complicated tools that will take forever to make and will automatically make the contraption for you.
When I was building I remember all these awesome tools, but they were sloppy and didn’t always work properly. I can remake those too if they are not overly complicated.

Well, the slider has been broken forever. Would be nice if someone could make a fix for that, even though TB’s Duplicator rarely spawns sliders badly.

I meant that the sliders freak out when you constraint it to something normally without duping. Especially on heavy props that are far away from the slider origin.

I had no idea any of the current duplicators screwed up sliders to be honest. Only wheels.

Make a STool that lets you select a base prop and an area full of other props. The STool then checks each prop to see if it has a no-collide (or intangible connection like you said) to the base prop, and creates one if it doesn’t. This would be really damn useful when you’re working with hundreds of really tiny props and making sure that they’re all constrained to the base would take forever.

Another good one would be mass right click nocollide, using the same area selection idea (or connections).

Rated heart for the nice gesture, it’s good to see that people are looking out for the build community

that one exists.

That’s a good idea.

I’ve seen people do this, but more in a manual ish way. I can make the base prop connect all the closest props you own within some specified radius from it. Or I can make it connect to all the props you own.

This sparked up something else I wanted to talk about related to this. How about visual helpers? Like when you weld a prop, it would highlight the prop you clicked first on until the second one so you can make sure you hit the right prop.

Could also have something like a debug thing which can for instance make text above props that are welded to world if you did that by accident and are trying to find the prop you miss welded. To prevent that I could just add a checkbox that says “skip world” to the stool though.

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smart weld
smart constraint
mass no collide (and weld)

we have smart constraint on our server cause I think the other ones are broken. They’re kind of lazy and a bad solution though since they add an unnecessary amount of welds and no collide constraints to the contraption causing lag

HUD visual helpers are pretty cool, I experimented with them in my Distance Measurer script and I liked the way it turned out. Pity mine look like crap
At the end of it though, I’d rather see an efficient tool than a pretty one. It could change the colour and alpha of the selected props, and maybe draw a circle on the HUD to represent the selection radius. That’d be great.

I am guessing he was talking about Fallen’s no-collide all multi tool.

Make a wire entity

A tool to ignore hitboxes on an object temporarily so you can work inside a prop without using fading doors

Ignore tool, already exists.

Hell yes

Make an offline version of the ACF Cutting Torch, so we can check our armor values if we build offline. I think that’d be useful.

Gmod9-style physgun.


Is this some sort of gcombat thing? If so then that’s not what I’m trying to improve. I want to improve the basic build tools and solve issues like I mentioned in the OP

Make a weld parent tool that undoes the parent and weld when the when it breaks.

Physgun Buildmode.

It’s a better combat system that’s only available to the ggg servers.

I am curious about the connection stool you spoke of. How would you go about it? Would it be similar to that PolyWeld stool or something different?

About the Adv Dupe, its not that contraints/contraptions/etc can’t be saved using Adv Dupe, more or less its because Adv Dupe does a bad job at saving those entities and likewise. You should check out TB Duplicator if you haven’t. It is a really good saving stool like Adv Dupe but much better. At the moment, TB is working on a new duplicator stool, which is why there haven’t been any updates to it.

I’ve barely tried the TB duplicator. I can ask him though what he’s done so far or what’s left. Mabye I can finish it even.

adv dupe can save props that aren’t constrained. You just need to hold shift or something while right clicking