What scripts have you purchased lately from ScriptFodder?

The last thing I purchased from ScriptFodder was the Keycard Scanner and a Car Dealer.

I’m kind of curious, does anyone purchase scripts to play them in single player? Or is it mainly just server owners?

I didn’t purchase anything, its a waste of money, when you can easily find the same script in other places online. Just takes a day of searching.
Sometimes those scripts become leaked by russians or chinese guys if you catch my drift.

I know of one person that brought Underdone just to play it in single player.

The Big Server Men are onto you, leaker.


Okay, I get it, I won’t do it again :c

It’s too late. They were onto him before he even downloaded the scripts. The Big Server men used their connections to get him banned before his post even made it to Facepunch’s servers. They got their Big Moderator Men on the inside to allow the post past the ban simply so that they could use it as example of what happens when you cross the Big Server Men (TM)*.

*Big Server Men is a trademark of Batshit Crazy ServerWatch Industries (2015).