What server do you hate the most?

What server and why? For me I hate ByB servers because the donators can ruin the game by using crossbows and stupid 8 year old admins kick me for thinking i prop blocked with a fading door. Then the admin took all my weapons that i spent all my money on. He ruined a lot of work I did to get that money and noclipped through my base anyway. When I joined back i started off new with only 1000 left and bought a printer when out of nowhere some kid who actually payed 20 dollars for a money printer and some jobs just walked up to my base with a super fast lockpick and broke in. I had no time to shoot him because he had a one shot kill crossbow. And then a noclipping admin took my printer…

I hate Friendly Players Servers, mainly because most people aren’t friendly, and the custom content added put crap in my garrysmod folder.

I will also most likely get a dumb rating, but lets face it, the server sucks for me.

This thread isn’t going to end well…

Yeah they reported me to vac because apparently i was aim botting when i was good at headshots now im vac’rolled so im screwed for most valve multiplayer games.

Newbie RP because the admins suck, and I got banned for spreading the word of my people, and they called it ‘micspamming’

Every RP server.

Server with no weight tool! If no weight tool,i no able to mass-produce flying combine walls! Nor combine trains!

Then you were cheating, considering you cant ‘report’ people to VAC, its an automated system that bans when a known cheat is detected.

I actually decided to try DarkRP for the first time and went on ByB I think, or one of the other big ones, and basically I found a group of people who had bought their powers setting themselves to a custom class, then essentially just holing themselves up in a building and farming tons of money/weapons and killing anyone that came near.

rp_downtown servers and servers that sell admin


Prison Escape, guards don’t even give ya a chance to do anything and everything has to be rushed by what they say.

Yeah, because this thread was definitely a good idea. Nothing could possibly go wrong. Like the other 100+ topics with the same idea.

On-topic: Anything running unofficial PERP.


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Gah, as much as i hate to say this i’d have to say BYB.
I don’t want this to turn out to be a Stupid reasons banned thread though

TnB. Cyberfest.

It’s not the fact that they’re just another elitist roleplay server it’s that Dave uses “her” money on tranny clothes and airsoft guns. People donate for the server, not for your dumb person uses.

Those listen servers where they always kick right after joining. CAN’T THEY JUST USE A GODDAMN PASSWORD ASDFSADGFS

Also ByB, when there’s a supporter/admin buyer on the server. Always using their goddamned crossbows for “legit deathmatching”. Agree or agree?

Why are you joining listen servers in first place? They are laggy most of them time anyway.

sory im not 12 i dont hate on virtual shit

People always bitch about crossbow but it was changed over 4 months ago now.

Takes 6 shots to kill a SWAT with it, you only get 5ammo per life - see anything overpowered there?

This, I do hate people who steal code :(.

I personally don’t hate any server I hate the people who play on said servers.

And last time I checked everybody else in the world besides me isn’t a robot.