What server host do you like?

i am currently using cubedhosting but they have terrible customer support and dont even have fastdl :frowning: so i am looking to go to a new host.
i found this place http://www.mpserv.net/games/gmod/ if any one has any where better for around the same prices tell me.

BBServers, if you are hosting in the United States.

Nuclear FallOut (NFO Servers)
Elpis Host

NFO servers are the best quality servers in my opinion.

NFO is good. I’ve had a bad experience with Elpis though. (Please don’t kill me :'c Just stating personal experience, not pushing it on anyone.)

Have never had any issues using NFO.

I suggest a dedicated server if you have enough budget. You literally do anything there and can save you a lot of money if you will host more servers. For a dedi I suggest OVH.co.uk - I’ve been with them for almost a year with zero downtime. They also have basic DDoS protection for all customers, which I can prove that works.

If you know what your doing, I recommend vilayer. There are times when you loose your connection to the control panel, but other than that I have no complaints. Also, if you need to contact customer support, call them… They take their time replying to support tickets.

Set up your own physical server and buy a data center spot and ship it there.

Make sure it’s off shore from the US and not in the netherlands or UK. People worry about ping but it’s actually usually just fine (depends on hosting provider).

I recommend Singapore for a location, you can say “Fuck you” to pretty much any legal request. Russia is also ok.

I use Elpishost and it has been an awesome service. I would definitely recommend it to anyone.

I’d just like to point at that I wouldn’t recommend a dedicated server unless you’re going to have more than four, or so, servers. Otherwise a VPS or rented server makes much more sense financially, but I have to admit OVH has surprisingly low prices.

Also, if you want a lot of opinions I’d recommend checking out some older threads like this. Generally NFO is agreed to be the best, with providers like elpis or BB servers being viable alternatives.

Just from past experience, I’d say NFO is the best. I have some friends who run their server on NFO, and they never complain about downtime or support.