What server host


I’m starting a RP server in the coming weeks and I need a host.
I previously used NFOServers which worked OK, but this time I want to prepare better.
I’ve read the forums and I see that elpishost is praised, but I wonder how much better a dedicated server or a vps(I’m not sure the difference) would make, and where should I buy it? Although they seem expensive and I’ve got quite a limited budget. I intend to have a 32 slots server with many scripts. My only requirement is that the host allows a local mysql database. What should I get, from this description?


Edit: with the limited budget part I mean I don’t have a $100 for a server, more like $50 and below.

If you’re just looking for a single server, you don’t need a dedicated server, a high quality VPS like something from digital ocean would work just fine, something like the 1GB ram plan is only 10 bucks a month (https://www.digitalocean.com/pricing/) and can handle a fairly large gmod server w/ tons of room for like webserver, mysql, etc
They work just fine for gmod and have been the best VPS i’ve tried for hosting a gmod server

if you do end up using them you should pm me for my referral link, you get free moniez :v:

Can a $10 server run 32 slots RP? It sounds odd since most server hosts are ~$0.8+ per slot?

imo pretty easily, i’ve had 16-20 people on a sandbox server on my DO vps and it’s been handling it just fine, that’s with like a 100 prop limit, people spamming horrible roller coaster dupes, slamming props around and crap, i don’t think the jump from that to a 32 player RP server is too much, they seem to be managed really well (a lot of cheap VPS places will oversell and so even if you’re supposed to get X amount of hardware you’re competing with a lot of other people to actually use it all, DO seem to give me great performance)

That’s managed, though. VPSses are cheaper than game servers because you have to set everything up yourself.

So with a VPS I set up srcds and mysql myself? If that’s the case then I can’t see what would be negative with it, especially if it’s 1/3 of the price

the negative would be it’s gonna be hard if you’ve never touched linux before, I dunno your experience so i dont wanna like patronize you, maybe you’re a linux god but if setting up srcds and mysql and everything manually from this screen looks daunting to you a vps might not be your thing (or not a linux one anyway)

though saying that, there are tons of great tutorials, digital ocean’s own site has loads for general stuff and there’s a few good linux srcds ones (and an awesome game server installer/script here: http://gameservermanagers.com/ but they don’t handle multiple servers too well), it’s fun to learn but i dunno if i’d recommend buying a VPS if it’s your first time ever doing something like it

Correct. You’re given a fresh Linux server, and it’s up to you to install & configure anything you need to get the server to do what you want.

OVH also has VPSes for $3/month with 1GB RAM, DDoS protection, and 1 core. Just throwing that out there. However, it has less space than the Digital Ocean package.

Unsure how well it would support 32 players, but I haven’t had any issue running a 12-slot Sandbox or a 6-slot KF server on it.

my only issue with OVH (i used to pimp them like mad before i tried them) is that they took 2-3 days to reply to my payment and even then wanted me to like send them some proof, i guess it’s fairly normal but digital ocean took my money and boom my VPS was up, if OVH can work for you im sure they’re great value, that ddos protection is 10/10 (not sure about performance, you’d hope it’d be good cause they’re a huge company)

Okay I’m clueless about linux… but with that link, if I could just get srcds running and somehow mysql it would be fine I think. I’ll look into it, but I wonder if 1 gb ram/1 core(I’m not good with technical stuff) will be enough for a 32 slots server, many scripts, looking at that Transfer thing it says 2 TB - is it a safe amount, how much does a server use per month? $20 for double stats, would that ensure it runs 100% smooth(assuming there’s no buggy code)?

you can basically install most things with apt-get assuming you choose like ubuntu (which i would choose as theres way more tutorials for it) then it’s pretty easy

https://www.digitalocean.com/community/tutorials/how-to-install-linux-apache-mysql-php-lamp-stack-on-ubuntu basically a complete guide on getting a full webserver + mysql, you can basically skip anything that isn’t mysql if you don’t want a webserver (but it’s useful for fastdl), it’s just running commands to install stuff but it helps to read into it and learn too

plus getting a gmod server is super easy: (the new wiki seems to be down so this is the old one, still 100% current) http://danielgibbs.co.uk/lgsm/gmodserver/

as for the hardware, i’m pretty sure srcds is still single core, it should run fine on the 10 dollar one and i wouldn’t say you’d need too, but the 20 dollar one will be like enough left over for probably at least a second server or generally whatever else you wanted to do, i don’t think two cores will help too much though, and 1gb of ram per server is plenty anyway (srcds seems to start off around 400 and expand over time, haven’t seen a single srcds get past 1gb though)

i would still look into game server providers like NFO though, it’ll probably be a lot simpler than learning to use linux, but i don’t really know anything about them so cant recommend one

Setting up a Gmod server on Linux is easy as hell, same with any Source server. Just use SteamCMD. MySQL on the other hand is a pain in the ass in my experience.

I thank you for the advice. But if the price difference is half for more efficiency but requires learning I’d be willing to learn the basics atleast. My old server was generally fine with NFOServers, I don’t really have a reason to not go with them… I’ll see if anyone else has some input.

i would say it’s worth learning just to know, it’s cool knowing your way around linux, if the server isn’t like “my community needs this server back up right now” sort of thing it might be worth learning and stuff, as long as you can read guides and watch tutorials, the linux community puts out so much learning material, even mysql is like, one command to install, one command that is basically a wizzard to set things up and then you can install phpmyadmin (which i’ve had more issues making work than mysql) to manage it and import DBs and stuff

Ok, so OVH and DigitalOcean has been suggested, OVH doesn’t seem to mention anything about transfer (2TB at DigitalOcean) - how much could a 32 slots gmod server be expected to use?
edit: NFOServer for $20 offers 2 full dedicated HT CPU cores(Nehalem or better), 2gb ram, 200gb storage, 8 tb transfer
digitalocean offers 2gb ram, 2 cores, 40gb storage, 3tb transfer for $20
Is there a reason not go with nfoservers for this?

It depends on your rate settings. I have a client with 32 slots using around 800KB/s constantly so 2TB is about right. If your server won’t be full all the time you’ll use less data. Plus some VPS hosts offer free inbound so that’s another avenue to look into.

is that NFO’s vpses? i dunno about the quality of them, they might be good, that 200gb storage will probably not be SSD, it’s nice having that, I get like 400-500mb/s I/O on my DO vps which means changing maps and starting/restarting is super fast, not really important though, I dunno much about NFO so honestly can’t say for sure

with the bandwidth thing I imagine you’ll be fine, games don’t use too much data, stuff like fastDL or lots of different map/material downloads might be the main issue but i don’t think you’ll use 2TB a month unless you are only getting new people constantly, like 32 people all download your stuff, then leave instantly, and a totally new set of 32 people connect and download, then leave etc, It should be fine plus their bandwidth overcharge is really cheap IIRC (it says somewhere on the pricing page)

Thank you for your useful input. I’m in no rush so I’ll have a look around but is digitalOcean and OVH the most popular ones? Also I noticed they seem to have 100Mbps bandwith while elpishost shared/managed(I don’t know the terminology yet) has 1Gbps, but if it’s shared with others would they be equal?

It really depends I think, digital ocean should be 1gbps though, it might be shared but it’s the best speed ive ever got from a VPS, i think with shared it depends on how many virtual hosts there are on one physical server (honestly have no idea, might be way off) so at peak times you might not get much speed but like late at night it should be okay (but again with digital ocean I never really have bad speeds)

and yeah I’d say digital ocean is probably the most popular vps host right now, at least for like “savvy” users, a lot of places like hostgator and other sites sell vpses but they’re super over priced, not sure who really buys them or what their uses are