What server type do you like the most?

Hello, hello.

I’m creator of one of fansites and I’m thinking of creating a server as well for it’s community. Before that happens, however, I’d like to inquire about what’s the most desired setup for this very community as a part of it all. So I’m thinking and wanting to ask you about what kind of servers do you like the most?

In terms of modifications:

  • standard - means no oxides installed or such, just the way game goes on it’s own, in other words official version of Rust
  • modded - oxide, plugins, /share commands, house creators tools, etc.

In terms of gameplay:

  • classic - 1:1 craft time, regular drop tables, everything cratable as it is on official servers
  • hardcore - high end stuff very limited. Low drop rates on military weapons, c4 only dropable by planes very rarily and such
  • casual’ish - reduced craft time, death notifications at global chat, starter kits and so on.

In terms of gamestyle:

  • pvp
  • pve

In terms of administration:

  • forced global events, rock/bow arenas, campfire parties in apartaments, etc., forced airdrops once in a while
  • no interruption of admins at all. They play like normal people or act non-existant so they’re only ban hammers wielders if needed.

Thanks for your opinions, I hope I’ll get some useful information about what’s trending now :wink:

  • PVP
  • Zombie drop weapons and supply signal

Started off on a server yesterday with Oxide economics - had two supply signals within 2 hours: don’t enable economics or think really hard at pricing.

Standard-hardcore-PVP-no admin interruption.

I like a mix, haven’t found one yet but this is what i like most:

Classic, reduce crafting time, Limited airdrops in 1 day, No oxide!, weapons drop/found rare and PVP
I think shotguns perticularly are very easy to find.

Not going to lie - Aside from the lack of Admins I prefer playing on Official servers - The way the game was meant to be played. So Vanilla for me!

I’m a fan of Vanilla, but there are a few mods that I really have grown quite fond of:

-door share (so much easier than passcodes)
-stats (tracked kills, deaths, and suicides)
-removable pillars, etc. (I mis-clicked once and it saved my ass)

Don’t like any adjustments to day and night cycles, loot tables, or anything.

Modded(/share, /economy, night duration reduced) - Hardcore - pvp - No interruption.

Hardcore, PVP, No Oxide, Non-existant admins.

I am begining to want to play on only offical servers because of the amount of crap I have seen admins doing. The good thing about private servers is that the hardcore mode exists.

Hi PlainLazy

We’ve just started our own community over on reddit with our own server. The server only just went live today but once I’ve gathered more feedback from people, I’d be happy to share it with you to try help you along with yours.

Check us out www.reddit.com/r/RedditRustCommunity

Anyone else able to contribute?

if we standardize this list and it’s accepted, I’d be happy to add it to http://toprustservers.com as a way servers can classify. this would be quite neat, and help people find what they really are looking for.

Slightly Modded - Classic - PvP - Optional admin events


I just like to build n’ shit.

Lightly modded - Hardcore - PvP - optional events ok, but no forced supply drops; I don’t even want to know who is and who isn’t an admin, frankly

Hardcore (standard craft time, very limited C4 etc.)
PvP (as opposed to only PvE)
Admins - “Referee” (mostly there for Fairplay (banhammers) welcoming people, answer questions, advice for new players etc.)
NO forced events
NO day/night cycle modding

-possibly startkits but certainly not necessary.

Standard-Classic-PVP-No interruption from admins.

Although I must say, if you’re a nice admin I don’t mind if you tp to me every now and then and say hi :smiley:

I like vanilla, reduced crafting times feel like cheating, I want to see and play game that the devs want to make. If I’m on a server with admins I like to not know they are there if everything is running perfectly and only want to be aware of them when they are banning cheaters.

I like the idea of a primitive version of rust, very crude everything.

Economy, Half craft, Oxide, No admin interruption, Mass PVP