What server?


I own two servers, a 30 slot DarkRP server and a 12 slot Sandbox server with PHX3, Wiremod and a script if you want to fight or just build.

Well, the RP server costs 20$ / month, and the Sandbox server costs 18$ / month. I have to remove one of them, as I cant afford both of them every month.

Which would keep?

Idk. But if I were you, I’d personally keep the cheaper one I guess. More money to save up.

Get rid of RP.
If it uses DarkRP, that is.
DarkRP is too common now.
A nice sandbox server on a non-default map is nice.

TheNerdPest14 - Yea, well, 2$ more. :stuck_out_tongue:

Whosdr, yea it uses DarkRP.
What non-default map would you recommend? Or maybe I sohuld remove my 12 slot and have 30 slot Sandbox ;o?

Or perhaps Spacebuild 2.
They are fun, but are dying out.
Stargate is good, but don’t include any gate spawners.

Well in any case, what do you enjoy?

I run a sandbox server that uses a non default map. I’ve gone through several maps but I’d recommend bigcity.