What server...

Should I join if im looking to learn how to build better Stuff (contraptions and vehicles and stuff like that) and dont want to deal with assholes calling me a n00b and what not? (im not really a n00b theres just room for improvement) Also should i plan on using voice or just use text)

Is there any reason why you couldn’t just use a title such as “Where can I learn more complicated building techniques”?

And you can just join any populare server (+10), or any that has “WIRE” in the title, and people will know what they’re doing.

Getting them to teach you how to build stuff is a different story, and I recommend looking up tutorials on YouTube for basic stuff.

And use text, unless you’re american and they’re using mics aswell, or they’ll just rage at you.

Ok i probably should change it to that Is there is any way for me to delete this topic or for me to change the title? ( I looked but im not seeing it)

I guess you can lock it, (I dont know for sure), but you cant remove it or change the title.

You have to ask a mod to lock it.

But it doesn’t matter, those who can be bothered have checked out the thread.