What service providers offer full FTP?

Which ones have available hosting in New york and offer full FTP – with servers available for purchase

I don’t mean just FTP, I need full FTP so I can change other things / update mods myself – also new york location or north east location required

So far all I know is

HFB - Limited
BMRF - Not available
FPS Players - Limited
Multiplay - Extremely Limited


What other things do you mean?

With HFB you can upload and edit your own files including plugins that arent in the mod manager. I haven’t done it yet myself but the functionality is there.

I’m surprised to see Multiplay are the most limited from your list. I thought they would have had it in place. Are you sure you haven’t just missed it?

As a customer at HFB I can refute that you have full FTP access. You had before the exploit in leathermod, but now you can only access your banlist and savefiles through FTP.

Do you not have the option to create folders and files like ours? :S

I may be misunderstanding what people mean by full FTP access but it all seems there for us :S

We have our oxide folder with all our plugins too that we can modify

They previously had FULL FTP when I first started with them but they revoked it and now we can only modify ‘myserverdata’ and any pre-installed mods config files, but don’t have access to other files such as if I wanted to test mods by myself, or change other ‘things’ to my liking (And I understand they work hard to get mods up to date or add mods, but I can update them faster - or I can install mods they don’t have up for offer

Any server provider I’ve seen which offers this isn’t in my region or has no servers available

I think if it were allowed full access to the root server, then it would be pirated server updated …: Zoid:

Newsflash - those files are already out, I have no interest in that crap I just want control of my server

updated files to the server in the network under windows no.
I think you would be better to ask your hosting provider about access to FTP.

News flash, full FTP access enables effortless piracy whether you personally intend to use it or not. That’s why it’s not available, to try and prevent the latest versions of the server software from leaking.

Come back later when the server is more hardened and resilient and the devs have more confidence about throwing it to the wolves. Like in six months maybe.

Note, this “six months” thing is not a promise, it’s a guess.