What should be in Gmod 14!

So there is tons of annoying stuff in gmod 13. So I think this should be fixed in gmod 14
1.Servers flying around when ping changes
2.When joining a server the game freezes sometimes when changing download content.
3.More vehicles to default list
4.Easier server management
5.Having DarkRp as a one of the default gamemodes
6.Having armor as an entity
7.More HD textures
8.Maybe oculus rift support?
9.If there is a lua error it should say [ERROR]X[Amount of errors] so the console isnt spammed. Also errors shouldnt show to players who are not staff on the servers.
10.Make it easier to find lua errors

This is what would be good to have in gmod. The game needs constant updates so it doesn’t get boring and it stays alive.

You may have a point with 9.

ESPECIALLY with missing sound assets.

Please for the love of god, stop with these posts. Although the Lua error idea was a decent idea.

This thread AGAIN.

Point 1 really is kind of pointless… they can’t fix that if servers lag that they just happen to lag.

point 9 is good i really hate that
And 8 should be in there already by Valve themselves

Stopped reading after this line.


Garry’s Mod and other Source games can be played on Oculust Rift, tested.

Yes, lets magically make the missing models appear on their hard drives…

Lets not forget the

bit in front of that same argument.

Ugh, I wish someone would at least make one of these that perhaps pointed out details that people who DON’T play all the online gamemodes may get. Gmod has a fuck ton of issues if you’re a poser.


There is no garrysmod 14 kthnx. Version structure is based on date of last update. 2014 is year.

A new game mode that is based on fucking World Of Warcraft with Leauge Of Legends and Call Of Duty combined. If you don’t sense my sarcasm just…

Oh! He meant lua errors. Well, the argument makes more sense then. However, I should point out that errors are most useful to the staff, since it’s their job to fix up stuff on servers :smiley:
Report systems usually make things take wayyyy longer than they should…

There’s a gmod 14 speculations thread. Post there.

I’m not saying that this is anymore serious, but this was at least INTENDED to be serious.

Its just as fucking stupid as the speculation thread

I hardly think this is serious

TTT - Shitboxes lol

That makes it not sarcasm