What should Garry's Nightmare look like?

I was working on a new design when I realised, it should be you the community choosing how the website should look like. So I am asking now for your suggestions on the theme and design. Critizise as much as you want. But this thread is just about the design and theme, so critizise the news on it’s news thread if you need to.

And here is a picture how the new design should have looked. It is not finished in that picture.



make it a nightmare to look at

Wait what

Change the goddamn domain, it’s fucking ridiculous.

That title font

It’s terrible

The thing saying garrysnightmare? Actually there will be an logoimage.

I want to know your ideas. We made this site for all of you. So I think you should be able to tell us how you want the site looking like.

Use the actual gmod font…

No really please.

It should have pictures of everything that garry never intended to use gmod for.

In other words, anything but manhacks dragging bedframes and sexposes.

Just some seconds and I cna show you how it would look like then.

Garry’s nighmare would be the FBI raiding his home because of facepunch.

Oh wait, this is a website?

With Garrysmod font:


Right, that font isn’t rendered in photoshop, so are you storing Coolvetica on your server and adding a line into the page to load it?

Is your name related to design and theme? Because I’d love to critique your name

Edit: Name of the website not your account name

oh yeah and it looks terrible, use Helvetica

Sorry, atm we dont thought about changing the name but… hmmm… What were your ideas for the name?

Actually the site you see is running on my pc. localhost. I use MoWeS for that.

Switching to Helvetica just some sec.

Please don’t use it as a title I mean do it in photoshop or something, it will show up unknown and as the browsers default font cause not a lot of people own that font.

Well the (garry’s nightmare) should be replaced by a image anyway. Btw If you dont have that font it switches to arial.

Now it looks like this:


I think the coolvetia font loks good as post titles.

I have it, just that it looks ugly without it pictured.

What font should I use then?

Also you have any ideas for that logoimage?