What should I add to my DarkRP Server? *NOT ADVERTISING*


I have just revived a DarkRP Server of mine, and while I do have many custom addons I feel like something is missing. I felt that someone here could tell me some essential stuff to definitely have. I appreciate it guys, thanks!

Off the top of my head, essential or popular stuff I know I DON’T have but am working on getting:
Inventory Pickup
Day/Night Cycle
Bank heists

Some essential stuff I DO have:
Quite a few custom jobs.
Custom models for almost every job.
Custom hud and F4 menu.
Events (Dodgeball etc)
Custom SWEPs
FastDL and collection of all addons used
Custom Loading Screen
Advanced Dupe
Fading Doors and Keypads
Party System
Custom Pointshop Menu with lots of custom pointshop content
Pointshop lottery
Functional ULX Admin mod

Again, not advertising, and if it seems so, I apologize as I did not intend so. I simply feel like my server is lacking in content and am coming here looking for help.

Cheers, everyone :slight_smile:

Use custom stuff, not coderhire scripts.

Those stuff underlined, I personally don’t like neither do allot of people, so my vote is to remove the underlined stuff, except for loading screen if it doesn’t force a song.
I don’t want to wait 1 hours listening to the loudest song with bass because of my shitty Australian internet just to download your shitty models then get into the game and everyone has spawned dupes in.

Only a minimal amount of stuff is from coderhire, so most of it is from the official Steam Workshop or other places.

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I did debate adding advanced dupe for a while but I decided to add it until someone misused it or anything along those lines. The loading screen doesn’t force music, trust me that usually annoys the hell out of me too. However, no one else has said anything about the ULX admin stuff or the pointshop content, I’ll look into it though, thanks.

Off with ULX

Why do you say that? I’m not arguing, I just haven’t heard many other people have the same stance as you in. What would you recommend then? Thanks.

ULX is by far the most noob friendly admin mod with the greatest number of customised content.
However it’s also the most complex bloated admin mod out there.

There are not many choices for people with no Lua knowledge, and no Evolve and or crappy 52 author contributed assmod updates are not ideal alternatives. Moderator might be, but I’d advise giving it a few weeks to get any major issues worked out first.

The great benefit of ULX is the fact it’s not been abandoned by it’s creators, like all the others.

Thanks for the input. I’ll definitely look into the other alternatives. I have decent LUA knowledge so hopefully that’ll help with this at one point.

Try http://forum.facepunch.com/showthread.php?t=1390916