What Should I do with my Server?

I have a 32 slot GMOD server just sitting there. What should I do with it? Serious answers please. Forgot to mention, I agree to keep paying for it if I find something good to do with it. It’s due on the 28th.

If you host it…

  1. Shut it down
  2. Rent it to people
  3. Use it for a public/private server (build or whatever)

If you bought it…

  1. Use it…
  2. Cancel your purchase

I’m sure you will find something to do with it.

I bought it. I have nothing to do with it, and the whole point is that I want somebody to find something good to do with it before it expires. If something is done with it, and it is worth it, I will keep paying for it. Anybody?!

I’ll play on it if it’s Sandbox on gm_construct. :buddy:

Sandbox running what mods/addons?

PHX and/or Wire. That’s about it.

Add me on Steam. bblegend


Anybody else got good ideas? I could give you FTP access if you got something good.

Give it to me because I obviously deserve it.

Zombie I would if you tell me what are you going to do with it.

I advise you to get PHX and wiremod, for a start. :slight_smile:
If you haven’t already got an administration mod, I recommend ULX. Speaking of administration, you should only make people admin if you trust them. Those are the basic stuff, and I’m sure everyone else can find better ideas. :wink: Good luck.

Give it to me for free, You’ll get a cyber cookie.
I’m in need of a server to host our clan’s exclusive gamemode.

Make it a build-rp. There isnt many build rps around… Also make it with lots of addons, like PHX3 Wiremod and gcombat would be neat too.!

Oh god no D:

Are you kidding? gcombat is amazing fun!

Do something with my server. Get constant players on it, make it fun, and you can host the server. I’ll keep paying for it.

Yeah, but it’s laggy and makes the ‘roleplaying’ just a giant war.

Not that a war like that is bad, just drop the RP from the name :smiley:



mine will be shutting down cause im poor :saddowns:
also its popular

I C IC , i like the way you THINK!

When my server started dieing, I put up an ad for 2 minutes every 3 minutes that said to save the server go to the clanpay link and donate at least $10. If your on Xenon, clanpay ftw, if not, setup a paypal donation page.

Edit: A player named Zahri kindly donated $10 and saved it.

If you do keep it, and need a moderator/admin, I’d be more than happy to help. I have had experience with ASSmod & ULX. Just don’t have too many addons. PHX, wiremod, and some maps would be nice.