what should i do with these 2 extra Rust keys ? i bought them when the price dropped .

i honestly have no idea what to do with these. my skype is theorangepenis if u want to contact me about LEGITIMATLY buying one.


Give one of them to me.

if you want one of them add theorangepenis on skype

You could do a legitimate giveaway.

you can give one to me for a giveaway on my stream

Organize fights to the death for them.

Have a giveaway contest, i’d say on youtube. Great way to give keys and gain subs. Make 2 SEPARATe videos though, not both in one. Youll get more subs.

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Lol, thats actually pretty funny! GG Nice Comment

Why does it have to be Skype?

why should he have to sign up to something else to give you something?

Just asking why Skype, who would want to buy a key from a guy with a Skype name theoranqepenis? Im kind of scared:O

He maybe has an orange penis? What’s scary with that? I mean i have a green penis. No one is scared of that?

added you

Hey man i added you :stuck_out_tongue:

The dude already sold both of the keys. Don’t bother with this thread anymore.

Lol, you know this how?


That’s how I know. That message was two hours ago.

Ill take em.

Seems like a troll. Idk. Who would buy 3 rust keys and give 2 to random people the price doesn’t really drop below 30-40 so you would have spent 100+ for 3 keys.