What should I improve to this map?

My map is for hl2rp and any RP’s that anyone wants to use it for, and it’s only just started. But what improvements should I make?


Do the buildings in the 2nd picture have doors?

three of them dont

Maybe compile it and let people have a full look around in game?

Definitely add some kind of border or frame around this window.

The windows could really use some more details yeah. You could look around on Google images to get an idea. What could also help is compiling the map so we have an idea how your lighting looks like, since that plays a really big role too in the final look of your map.

Ok, I will add a video and try to improve the windows by some sort of frame around it, but does anyone know if frame textures work for func_breakable_surf? Like textures that have framed windows on them.

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Also what is good light_env settings and skybox for a hl2rp map? If anyone knows.

The valve developer wiki has some good info as far as the light_env settings are concerned.

Here’s the video of it with lighting. Sorry for the shitty recorder :v: