What should I try to make?

Yeah I’ve got into mapping a bit, and I don’t know what I should try to create. Give me suggestions and I’ll post some pictures into a “showoff or maps that aren’t release worthy” thread. I’ve only been mapping under 1 week so don’t expect me to do any hard work.

Look in requests… Or make something really simple like a small house, or just stairs, for practise.

The best is to practise small parts inthe beginning, make some rooms and experiment with optimization etc.

Alright, thanks.

Well, I don’t think you should start releasing or posting maps that’s no good anyway, people don’t like that. I don’t mind, but others do.

But as a matter of fact you can post a thread of a map with just pictures of what you got so far and ask if we can help in anyway. I’ll be more than glad to help you if you need help with something or to make something in a good way.

I’ll post pictures soon, I’ve been making this night-time map for over 2h now.

Ok, here’s the map I made in 1 day. Pics:








That’s actually pretty nice considering you’ve been mapping for only a week :smile:

Thanks, well not really even a week but between 2-5 days.
And here’s the .vmf if someone wants to fuck this map up or something:

Not bad at all.
You should fix those stairs though, never seen anything like that before. :slight_smile:
And on the next picture you used a door texture on a wall.
Anyways, not bad for a few days mapping experience.

Keep it up!

Great map for a first :slight_smile: But hey what’s up with the stairs? Some of the textures and props are a bit off but it’s ok for a first.

You could always improve the lighting a bit :slight_smile: Make the grid smaller (1 inch) place a light entity 16 inches directly under the lamp, go to the brightness properties of the light and make it say: 255 255 255 10 (this is the basics). Don’t mind the HDR brightness, leave it for now.

Anyway, now make a light_spot and place it directly inside the lamp make the outer fading angle to 70 or something, experiment with it. Make the brightness property say like: 255 255 255 150 (still basics) and leave the HDR brighness. You could also alter the inner bright angle, sometimes you could drop it to 1 it just depends, experiment with it.

Also go to the properties of the lamp and make it Not Solid and set Disable Shadows to Yes.

Hope that helped :slight_smile: Happy mapping!

Your interiors are awesome, minus a few misaligned wall textures.
The exteriors are nicely planned, but look a little flat and blocky. Try putting in gutters and drainpipes, as well as a few more windows along the garage-side of the house, as well.

It’s not bad, for less than a week of learning. A few suggestions to start you off with good mapping habits:

  1. never carve, EVER

  2. if your compile times take forever, don’t bitch about it here, read http://optimization.interlopers.net/ first

  3. start by distributing maps between your friends. Once you get something that looks really good, release it here. Keep in mind that I have never released a map, despite mapping for more than a year now. (Not because my maps suck, but because I always have a few really ambitions projects going at the same time)

Same here :rolleyes:

Thanks for the great help guys.

The stairs are too steap…other than that, great start.

Have you gotten the lighting right? :slight_smile: And oh yeah, an other note is that you should not use a light entity no lamps with a “hat” on, dunno the word in english… Just use a light spot for those.

Oh yeah I forgot that you can use an env_sprite on your lights for that glowey effect, place it on the bulb of the lamp, edit render mode to world space glow, make the geometry size like 10 or something, depending on how far it is to empty space from the sprite. For most lamps, set the scale to 0.5, this is the size of it so for bigger lights, hisher scale.

That map is great even for 5 days of mapping… i meant of learning to map… uh feel free to add me to steam, just pm me first and yea, check my 1st map :slight_smile:

Yeah checked your first map thread out, looks better than my, I haven’t optimized my and there’s mistakes everywhere. I’m going to optimize and make this thrash map alot better.

One more thing, I just noticed the 1 unit thick wall on the stair-case. That’s a no-no, I’m told. Try to keep it at 4 and powers of 2 (4, 8, 16, 32). This also keeps things very organized, and you will not have to make some stairs higher then others to make up for size mismatches.

Yeah, thanks for that piece of advice.


A better version: http://filesmelt.com/downloader/test232.vmf