What should players buy?

Hey I am currently running a dark rp server and everything has been going great! But I am stumped on what players should be able to to but once they start hitting over the 100k mark as then they are pretty much able to buy anything. Gun shipments range from 5-10k and I also have EDML. But now I am trying to think up something that those richer players (100k+) can aspire to save their money from. I know vehicles are an option but that’s one I want to avoid as cars tend to lag servers! Does anyone have any ideas on what I should I add!


Make the weapons more expensive, like a 5 gun shipment 50K or so. thats how all servers work, and cars dont lag servers, except its like 1Core + 1GB Ram, or shitty setup.

Offer some stupid aesthetic shit that’s retardedly expensive. Rich kiddies will want it as a status thing.

1 undestroyable wooden crate - 100K. c:

Also OP, add prop taxes etc.