What should replace zombies? Answer!

I have been thinking about this a lot since the poll yesterday, and came to the conclusion…why not add all of them( except zombies )? Obviously I am not saying all of this content should come at all at once, and it could easily be structured into different patches. These are just ideas, but I’ll explain in a little more detail and do so in an enjoyable read. Hope y’all like it! XD

Mutant Humans/Animals:

Journal entry: Code # 688268

After the major nuclear disasters hit the island, both Humans and Animals alike became susceptible to this grotesque mutations. Through this research we have discovered that not only can the mutation affect all forms of life, but can affect the same life forms differently. Our study has found a pattern in the mutation, and how it is spread across the different species that are present on the island. The pattern that has been found is easily noticed when looking at the issues as a whole, instead on a species by species bases. All of the life forms show 3 distinct mutations, and could be generalized throughout various species with 3 different terms.

The first mutation, which seems the most common, could be coined the melee mutation. Changes show enhanced close quarter combat, as the mutation seems to effect the hands, claws, horns, and beaks of each species respectively. The increased muscle max, and density of these extremities show that while vulnerable from a distant, these life forms can quickly become extremely dangerous when meet within melee distance. This is made even more deadly by the fact these life forms also show increased attributes in their stamina, speed, and jumping abilities.

The second mutation, which is the second most common, is easily defined as a ranged mutation. Though the projectile is different among the species, what they hold in common is their ability to inflict heavy amounts of damage from afar. The different projectiles ranged from acidic vomit seen in the human mutation, to arrow like quails from the chicken mutation. While easily controllable when few in number, the situation changes if found in a horde, I advise extreme caution.

The third and final term to be defined is the most complex. Each species seems to have an exclusive ability when this mutation variant is visible. This was the hardest term to define, since each mutation is unique to each species alone. In example Bears seem to not only absorb other species, but then gain attributes from them, leading to the multiple possible outcomes. The human mutation seems to effect the brain, and the cognitive partly restored, as seen in the ability for these creatures to use weapons and tools found from presumably people they have killed. The deer showing this special mutation have only ever been seen to come out after the sun is past the horizon. The have shown the ability to teleport short distances, giving them the ability to quickly appear and disappear, seemingly from no where. We have yet to see a wolf within this category, but we have heard reports of howls before deaths, but little or no trace of these beasts have been found afterwards. We are still looking for examples of this mutation in chickens and rabbits, but have yet to be found, if they even exist at all.


Journal Entry Code # 34667287

Today we found something we never thought possible. While securing an area of the island, we came across what seems to be some type of metal vault, quite by accident, but I have this feeling, almost as if we were supposed to find it. Unsure of what we had found, we took an excessive amount of time gaining access into this vault, making sure we had a defensive line setup encase something hostile came through that door. We had never imagined what would be hiding behind the door, and if we had known the secrets of that door, it would have remained shut. These beasts should have been long dead, and to think on this day we become the first humans to see Dinosaurs in a very long time. All the different species didn’t even seem to attack each other, but quickly over ran our defensive line. It seemed that bullets bounced off their thick hide, and in retrospective we should have had many more men and heavy weapons in order to stop what we have bought unto the island. None have dared to proceed any further into the vault, no matter the bonus payment offered. We are going need a lot more equipment before we can dive deeper into this vault and mystery. The thing I find the most interesting about the Dinosaurs, is they seem to be immune to radiation as well as mutation.


Journal Entry Code # 762687

With all of the danger abound of this island, and all the men we have lost to them, we sent in a request to HQ for backup. When the calvary arrived, we didn’t expect this is what they would be sending us robots. What they lack in sociability, they make up for in usefulness. I suspect that finding men to come to the island has been a difficult task after the reports of what has happened to this island have got out. I am sure glad to have these machines keeping watch, as they are not prone to exhaustion as we humans are. For the first time in a while I actually feel safe.


The robots are turning against us, repeat the robots sent have turned against us. Please send backup admittedly. We are held up in the Charlie compound. Please shut these machines down. How Copy? How Copy?



Journal Entry Code # 64548279

There is no way off this island. We have looked, and by calculating the amount of time it took to got here, even make shift boat would do us no good. Why has HQ abandon us? Are the communication out, or is this intentional? We may never known. All of the men brought here as military support have all but deserted their posts. Some have even taken over the other posts, hostile to anything or anyone that is not in their group. I suspect that they may have control over most of the resources brought to the island by us. It is as if they have been driven mad with fear. Is there any hope left?

Giants/Mystical Creatures:

Journal Entry Code # 424687/69784225 273288737

Am I losing my mind? I am seeing shadows that shouldn’t be there. I hear noise right in front of me, but I see nothing. I don’t know if its the lack of food or the little something I ate was bad, but I swear I saw a humanoid creature almost as big as a mountain. Weird sightings of unknown creatures have been reported from multiple areas of the map. One of the scientists, who must be suffering from the seemingly same illusions that I have been. He said he saw a horse today, but instead of a normal head, swears it had the torso of a human. WHAT IS GOING ON?


Journal Entry Code # 254367

Am I in hell? If everything that has happened is not enough, today I saw multiple UFO’s in the skies surrounding the island. At first I thought the approaching lights was rescue, but these vehicles are moving unlike anything I have seen before. Is this a sick joke? Am I going insane? I saw a pig float up into the sky, and them seemingly disappear into nothing. To make things worse I had the craziest dream in my life last night. I am not even sure to be honest whether it was a dream or reality, but believing the later makes me at least feel better. In my dream I saw multiple beings approaching me. The light behind them was so intense I could not make out any detail, but I am absolutely positive, they were not human. They spoke to me directly through my mind, but could not comprehend everything the said. All I heard for certain was these 3 words, “We are watching.”

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I liked this a lot ! Very good read it’s sort of like what I wrote up :smile:. I would like to see this in Rust but maybe not the mythical creatures, or the robots it’s a bit too many eggs in one basket if you ask me but great idea all in all!

If you have time take a look at my story :words:


Oh, and don’t take note of that single ‘dumb’ vote. He did the same on my post but didn’t comment so his vote is void.

Its funny I was just discussing the poll with my friend and he said why not all of them? They could just add different area’s or have different server types. Obviously that’s a lot of work and they’d have to implement them in phases probably one at a time in future patches or expansions but its not a bad idea.

Thanks man, I enjoyed your post too. I am not saying to add all of the ideas into one, just giving my general thoughts about them if they were to be implemented.

Thanks for your feedback, and I hope I get some more!

great post

Just add this, something similar to it.

The forest is going to come out sooner or later, just because you want to play it sooner doesn’t mean it should be added to rust, let the forest be the forest and rust be rust !

i dont want to play the forest, but they need to add this sort of mob to the game, it would work very well with the theme. If Rust adds mystical creatures it breaks the theme, and just turns this into Elder Scrolls Online.

Basically cannibals? Someone has already posted something similar but I’d personally not like rust to turn into some horror gruesome game like that.


this is like what I want rust to be.

Thanks! Glad you liked it!

I feel like adding in cannibals wouldn’t really translate well. What I mean is after being killed by whatever means they would kill you, the whole eating you part wouldn’t really matter. So to me it wouldn’t be that different then being killed by a normal human npc.

In my opinion whatever they “replace” the zombies with, shouldn’t be unrealistic or mythical. I love the realism of the game which is why the only one I think that might work is dinosaurs.

But even then I don’t want them to be a huge threat. Whatever replaces them shouldn’t be a huge threat. Garry always said that the biggest threat will be other players, and I think that’s great and I really hope it continues down that route.

The best thing to do in my opinion would be to add more wildlife. Make certain animals drop certain materials (pelts, fur, horns) etc and make some of them specific to certain areas. Also make some resources specific to certain areas. This gives players a reason to hold and contest each other for certain plots of land, a reason to trespass and fight. Or something valuble to trade with.

I honestly think that whatever “replaces” zombies, shouldn’t be such a huge deal.

Well honestly even if they added all of what I mentioned, people would still be the biggest threat. You can always/usually out smart most AI. That being said I get your point with sticking to just more animals, although there are only so many options with that.

Thanks for your input and comment!

I know and I understand but I’m trying to think of an option that keeps it realistic and doesn’t take it away from the theme of the game … With any if those other options, there is always gonna be people that are unhappy with them.

Please tell me how dinosaurs (which have been extinct for millions of years) suddenly appearing on an island that’s irradiated is realistic at all.

I do, however, agree with the idea that the wilderness itself should be more of a threat. Wildlife and such.

From my take, Garry doesn’t really have the “theme” worked out yet, as the game is in a pivotal point in development. Survival, Sandbox, Crafting, PVP is as far as it goes. I think that is why he added the poll, to get an idea of what direction the game will go.

Well in my scenario, there is a secret underground lab/vault that reproduced Dino’s through genetic recreation. Not only would you have dino’s but you could also use the labs as a place to explore and find loot. Just ideas. XD

Absolutely, and you could tie in any backstory to it to make it work.

But doesn’t that sound EXACTLY like Jurassic Park?
And there’s another game that describes itself as “A multiplayer survival game with dinosaurs” coming out soon sooo… I just don’t see the point in making Rust the same.

To be honest sievers I don’t really want to see dinosaurs either. But as you start off with a kind of caveman theme then I guess it kinda works.

I’ve kinda “assumed” that rad zones might not even exist in a real map (the current map is a test map) as they don’t really fit in. It’s not a zombie apocalypse anymore … At least I hope not :stuck_out_tongue:

Yea similar to Jurassic Park I won’t deny, but overall to me I am coming from the perspective that the island is a testing ground for crazy stuff. For example in rust we all live on and island. Nothing is working, and we only have nature resources to gather, and they stuff left over from whatever was before. Yet there are airplanes dropping equipment. That to me says there are people outside of Rust, who have some hand in people being there.

Oh yes, I agree, the radiation certainly doesn’t have to stay, I think it was more of a mechanic test than anything.
And I don’t think any dev ever stated that the player was a caveman… Sure, we start naked and with rudimentary tools but there are towns and roads and obviously technology exists to some extent so I don’t see how we could really be “cavemen” in any way other than metaphorically.

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Which is why I originally voted military (even tho it is overdone and will likely be boring).

I just feel like there should be some sort of government/military presence, even if it isn’t the dominant threat.

And quite frankly I just don’t like dinosaurs xD