What should replace zombies? Wrong question.

Obviously there has been lots of talk about what will be replacing zombies. But I think this is the wrong question to jump to.

The question should be - What happened to this world? This will then give you the answer to what should replace zombies.

Here are a couple of scenarios I came up with, would be glad to hear others.

After World War 3 -“I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones.” - Albert Einstein. All out nuclear war. Mutants (animals and people) and Military.

Dimension rift/rip - Similar to Half life or “The Mist” / “Pacific Rim”(without giant robots) movies. Various monsters

Alien Attack - Aliens come down, reduce us to ashes to ensure we do not pose a future threat. Alien type creatures left behind to manage uprising. “Avatar” movie monsters, plus some with better tech.

10,000 AD - Don’t know what happened to civilisation, but animals have evolved (like After Earth -although I didn’t actually see it)

I don’t think we need a Skyrim FPSMMO. Happy for flying creatures, but don’t need Dragons. Would like to see big cats (sabretooths).

WW3. It’s pretty clear that the world of Rust has seen nuclear war on a wide scale.

That being said, I’d like to see more Mad Max style elements come into play.

Go play Rage then…

I guess you don’t realize there are already Mad Max elements in the game?

Namely the Revolver and Bolt action rifle, not to mention the up-coming Junk Rocket Launcher.

My point was that I want to see more of that kind of thing.

So… you are giving 4 options of which the last 3 are all science fiction while it has been stated many times before that Rust is supposed to be realistic…

proposal #1 is best in my opinion.
Nuclear war,mutated animals (and people perhaps) and maybe guys in hazard suits coming from the sea beyond Rust Island to eliminate/capture the survivors

Well Darwin would be a little annoyed that evolution is science fiction (even though 10k is a short time, look at what happens to feral cats in Australia after a couple of generations).


Well if Rust is going to be realistic I guess WW3 aftermath is the most realistic option -but that would mean no mutants or anything else fun/cool (if being realistic).

If you have another story that would fit into Rust, feel free to share.

A look into a world without women?

For me it looks more like a hunger games style game,with the airdrop coming everyday and island separated from the world stuff

At the moment, it’s basically an episode of LOST. Lol

This for reals, I wish they’d focus more on the primitive weapons and make military grade weapons super rare and blueprint-less.
As it is it feels like we’re playing Cabella’s Online to me.


Zombies are blowing up right now and it would be a mistake to NOT embrace the Genre fully. Yes the AI sucked but without them Rust as it stands has turned into a heavy PvP/Hunger Game model.

Many appear to going through the typical ‘popular is not cool’ kind of thinking right now and want something different. That kind of thinking has spawned popular facebook offshoots like twitter, instagram, & tumblr. Companies that cater to a specific crowds needs are doomed to stay specific and fade away though.

I agree with Teleskop, This whole AirDrop thing doesn’t make cinematic sense to me in the Genre unless the programmers are shooting for a Hunger Games theme mixed with Rad Wolf/Bears… (So much for their Realistic idea Itrme :wink: )

Just_thanasis touched on a great idea ‘hazard suits coming from the sea beyond Rust Island to eliminate/capture the survivors’… Might explain the AirDrops if they were near bases/compounds.

Take the best aspects from Resident Evil, Walking Dead, Lost, Pitch Black(night scenes, and make it yours.

**Resident Evil: Corporations are trying to claim Rust Island, one of the few land masses left that survived the Wars. The Bio Tents we’ve raided seam to indicate they are harvesting organs from us and Radio Active animals… For what sick purpose?!

Walking Dead: Survivors have split into groups, some just want to raid & pillage, others just want to Farm, Build a defensible settlement, and get back to something normal.

Lost: There are reasons this Island has survived the brunt of the Holocaust, could it be because the now dead corporation below the mountain was the instrumental factor if this worlds demise?!

Pitch Black: The night is not safe, there are terrors in the darkness that only fire can keep at bay. They can smell your filth and your torch can only burn so long before they beat in your doors. (Tower defense model?).**

I guess all I’m saying is Embrace the Genre and stop trying to be different for the sake of being different.

I’m tired of people saying that Rust is supposed to be realistic.

There is certainly an element of realism but that’s not the same.

(I’m stealing this idea from elix)
Pictured: Realism (/sarcasm)

Source: Official Facepunch Blog

Dont get me started on the Chickens & Rabbits.

There as big as rats and you dont see them until your right on top of em. (Grass on or off)

How Real is a chicken that cant be seen?

Yeah, but hopefully we will get some answers and some direction. Lost was just like 1 big $%^& tease.

Lost answered questions only to introduce more afterwards. That kind of story line I can live with.
The random Airdrops to the savages below are kind of fun but if your honest with ourself THEY MAKE NO SENSE!

It made some sense when there were zombies, same as the in movie 28 days after. Now, I dont know. Maybe you can imagine some extravagant explanation but someone is sending airplanes to the island, someone from a civilized part of the world, why are they not coming to build and conquer, are they afraid of naked cavemans or the radiation localizated in small areas?