What should rust be rated on a esrb rating? Not counting voice chat

This is just a discussion because a lot of games dont get esrb ratings.

it’s not?

esrb is a voluntary thing

brick&mortars won’t sell games without esrb, but steam doesn’t care

M 17 or Ao (rarely used anyway)

it doesn’t really need one since it’s steam anyway.

Odds are it will be rated Teen or Mature, if it gets ESRB’ed at all. Even with the optional nudity its way too tame for AO or whatever the “worst” rating would be, yet it certainly isn’t suitable for any of the E ratings.

Online play is not rated - rust is online only

Doesn’t mean you can’t get an ESRB rating. It just means you’re rating the game by itself, without taking interactions with other players into consideration. Team Fortress 2, for instance, is solely online but has an ESRB rating of M.


Adult Only…I don’t understand. Doesn’t being 18 make you an adult in most areas to begin with? Or is M 17+? In which case I don’t see what difference one year makes.
And I’ve only ever seen maybe one game with an AO rating.

The difference is basically the same difference between R and NC-17. R rated movies, you see sold in stores. NC-17 and X-rated, you don’t just see in any old Walmart or Best Buy.
Similarly, you will regularly see M-rated games in stores, but you can pretty much only buy AO games online (at least in the US).

M, because the human body is something to be hated and feared.

I’d give it M just for the violence.

Rated M for gratuitous amounts of shlongs

I highly doubt it will get any rating, as its not going to be sold in stores on a shelf. if we had to rate id, it should be M, keep as many per-pubescents away as we can.