What should Rust end game look like?

I was thinking about what Rust endgame would look. When you’ve gotten all the recipes, and you’re happy with your shelter(s). What else could be done? So how about we brainstorm about possible end game?

As there is not going to be a lot of power growth, I mean once you’ve got all the recipes, in full kevlar, and unlimitted ammo for your m4/bar what else is there going to be?

How about:

W’ere already going to have maintenance. Running around repairing walls and such.
Hunger should happen while you’re logged out. Encouraging you to log back in and forage and gather and eat.
Server events where a pack of wild animals invade, and they drop cosmetic items.
“Giant” bosses that attack towns and can destroy buildings if not stopped.
Weather events that can destroy buildings/increase decay.

at least I take heart in knowing that if it has a ending it can’t possibly be as shitty as Minecrafts.

Why does it need an ending? Why can’t the possibilities virtually be endless? Always an adventure to go on. Friends to meet and probably swindle and kill. AI to battle and raid. Areas to take over. Ect.

I’m not a big fan of decay. But I like your idea of hordes and giant monster invasions that would have to be defended against. Repairing decay is tedious and boring. I turned it down to almost off on my server because of that. I mean in real life, do wood structures decay in a week?

I like the idea of weather also, I don’t like that it could destroy your structures but maybe it could harm you if you are caught out and not armored up enough. The game needs weather and sky features anyway, would make the atmosphere more immersive.

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Agreed. Sure single player games have endings. But for an MMO like this, there doesn’t need to be an ending, just enough change to keep it interesting.

I have full confidence that this will happen as more content is added: endgame needs to be broadened by introducing additional threats to end game players. Currently, the only threat to a player in endgame, is another endgame player.

Environmental threats, like weather, difficult predatory NPCs, should/will be added to introduce additional threats for end game players.

Additional secondary objectives, aren’t essential but could also be added to broaden the end game, such as currency to collect/trade/spend, and crafting “luxuries” or things that aren’t necessarily survival/PvP based like economy/profession type buildings or craftables.

PvP should and will always be an endgame, but endgame content focused on more “society/civilization” building could be a great addition. Giving players the tools, and letting them decide their own destiny.

end game and ending are very different. The term end game actually came about in games that don’t have a definitive ending. Like pretty much all MMO’s where you can still improve SOMETHING some how. So he’s not talking about something to end the game.

Yeah but some sort of super boss that you could beat your friends with would be nice. ofc you would be able to play after you have beaten him

I don’t think it needs an end-game IMO.

There should be an ending, where, while you survive you have to build parts to a plane/helicopter. Once you finally assemble all the parts, there should just be a flying off cutscene.

The closest thing Rust will have to an endgame is a well established town where players can live and help protect each other. We’re going to need better walls and barricades that can’t be hacked through like they’re a joke to make this happen, so that we can actually build towns instead of giant bases. Your town should have crops, windmills to process food, simple electrical generators for heat, light and to power top tier workbenches and machines, and other specific purpose buildings or free standing structures that can’t be stuffed in a giant base. Being and to capture livestock animals, herd them into a pen and breed them would be awesome too.

I’m hoping that whatever replaces zombies/red animals will be a worthy adversary that encourages people to band together to fend them off. I’m kinda on the fence about if there should be giant bosses or not.

Oh! Finding a rusted out helicopter, building defenses around it, and devoting a crap-load of resources to repair it and get it flying again would be awesome too!

I’m not trying to be mean or anything but that’s the most generic lamest shit suggested so far.

I know, but it was pretty much all I could think of. I doubt there will be any sort of ending anyway.

What about titles/achievements? People love that shit.

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I said end game.

End game = what to do after you’ve got all the best gear.

Kinda like mob of the dead?

Okay sigh. So much misunderstanding in this thread already. “End-game” does not mean the ending to the game, or a stop to the game. End-game means, once you have acquired all the main objectives, what secondary things are there to do. This isn’t “optional”. You can’t choose to not have an end-game, it exists one way or another. It simply refers to, once you have a huge base, and all researches, what options do you have? Currently, your only option, or end-game, is COD. What additional content should there be added later to keep players interested, or provide them more options, after they have full-kevlar, all researches, all weapons, huge base etc.

“End-Game” does NOT mean the game ends and roll credits, so stop debating if there should be one or not. Thanks.

Game Ending: You make F10 Warthogs and totally destroy the server

Oh we could definitely use an engineering game, would put Rust over the top in my book.

I think by the very nature of the open world survial game of Rust precludes any definitive “end game”
However, I see it towing the lines of DayZ inasmuch as you will have a meta end game of sorts where you and your band have established a foothold in the game and stockpiled all weapons and resources and have made a great big convoy that just goes on all through the night!

But, other than that there really shouldn’t be any concrete end game

End game is killing people and taking people’s things. Why does it have to be any more than that?

This is the only end game

Really there is no end game actually, you just have to keep building, and living till’ you die. I don’t think there’s anything else Garry can think about.