What should the server limit be?

I personally feel that the players per server should be lowered a lot. This would add a lot more tension to every encounter with a player. You will be terrified of being attacked but you would think about what actions to take. Should you help or harm this player? Can this player help me? It is a survival game after all not the hunger games. Maybe bring it down to 50 or better yet 25. That would be great. What do you guys think?

not rly the map is too big … for me 100-200 should be fine.

I’ll have to disagree. Seeing another player should be exciting.

Once the maps get expanded its going to be a lot better. The map is HUGE, trust me, I went to the end of it. Nobody builds out there because there isn’t any resources.

Putting it down to at least 50 would be nice though or even 100, its 500 right now for gods sake.

Yeah I went out of the map too.Wanted to find my friend in the hanger but somehow I got lost.
Ran for 2 days IRL.There are no resources or animals.Just trees…and hills and mountains…suicided in the end

500 is fine once they open up the whole map. 100 fits fine right now in the concentrated 1/4th.
25 in that huge map is ridiculous. 50 is too. Maybe like 300 when the map is fully expanded.

Why does it even matter the final game is going to be filled with privately hosted servers.

True, I mean, I host a TTT server now, and we will be hosting Rust in LA when private servers come out

Its crowded right now with 50 people… maybe 150 for the whole map?

I hope Garry keeps the servers hosted by him. Privately owned servers could result in admin buttfuckery and lots of little children. Actually, there will probably be less admin buttfuckery than there is right now lmao

Damn , i hate privately hosted servers because it would split the community.

Not if you rbing your own community to the game, big server hosters will bring people to the game just because their name is attached.

Newbie question, but what happens if you login to another server? I mean, do I start fresh because my all stuff, shack is actually built on another game server?

Right now, about 25-50 online players during off-times is really a low number considering the map, I would say. Though I’m a very new player.

dude if you dont want action go and play PvE

I just hope that they have increased the resources now… The old amount resources and 400 more people on the server will not work… However i don’t think that the server will get full, but still.

250 but once they give out the server files its for what ever but for now official should have 250 or 300

< 100. Any more than 75 and I think it’s too cramped. Granted… if they stretch the resources fields out across the WHOLE map and add more rad zones… population would be less of a problem. For server stability it feels like anything over 100 or so is crashing.

Hell no. I want respectable communities and servers with responsible admins. Right now everyone runs free and ramped exploiting everything and killing everyone for no reason. Lots of trolling and abuse. I wouldn’t play this game if that was how the retail was. I want a community that’s wanting to thrive and respectable. Hence why I NEVER (not once) played on a public server on Day Z. RP communities, or respectable gaming communities with password protection and whitelisting only.

I agree but i think both should be available. Public and Hosted servers would be great. That way no one can complain.

Definitely. There should be official hosted, hosted public, and hosted private.